I recently found a story of mine posted on Wattpad. Due to this, I will be removing all my stories from Fictionpress.

After searching through forums where other people have had their work posted on Wattpad by someone else and reading about the trouble they've had proving the stories are theirs since they were posted on sites other than Wattpad- such as Fictionpress, personal blogs and fan forums- and how tough it is to get Wattpad to remove the plagiarized copies, I don't feel comfortable leaving them up on this site anymore.

Many people who have been the victims of plagiarism have transferred their work to Wattpad, so if there's ever another occurrence, they'll have their timestamp of when they posted it right on the actual site. Eventually, maybe I will as well, but right now my feelings toward Wattpad, and their uncaringness about plagiarism as long as their site is getting traffic, aren't very pleasant.

I'm so thankful for everyone who has ever clicked on one of my stories and given it a shot. Whether you didn't care for it and only made it halfway through the first chapter, or if you stuck with it every step of the way even though I never updated regularly and you never knew if I'd even finish the stories at all. Your reviews, even the critical ones, always made my day and I can't begin to tell you how much every single one has meant to me. I love reading and escaping into a world that's not my own and escaping from reality for a while. Knowing I was able to create a world like that for someone else to escape into means everything. Because of that, I'll never stop writing. I just need to make sure that next time I share these stories, they're in a place where if someone copies them, that person will be held accountable and the story removed.

Once again, thank you all.