Eros Through Chronos

[AN: "Eros" is connected in various ways with love, "Chronos" with time. Both have Greek origins, I believe.]

A gossamer thread,
Loveful, constant, unbreakable,
Knotted irreparably around each
Our hearts.

It can be hacked,
And it pains us--

It can be burnt,
And it pains us--

It can be stretched,
And it tugs our hearts--
It injures our poor undeserving souls,
But wounds heal with time and care--

But not through all eternity
Can it ever be broken,
For we are one from two,
Merged, forged
From the fires of ever love.

A beautiful gossamer:
Tempered with love;
Nourished with love;
Strengthened with love,
Holds that love sacred
And safe for all Chronos--
All Eros.

~ heart warden