"Time never stops, it is an never-ending cycle that measures life."

Running. I'm running. Why? Why am I in a rush? Where am I going? I don't know. But something inside me urges me to keep going. So I continue, desperately trying to keep my pace. Something cool is on my wrist, it looks like a watch but it's counting down.

"It is precious to us, but we often don't realize how much."

Fifty seconds left? Why when I look at it do I feel nauseous? Why do I feel I have to go faster after looking at it? What does it mean? I want answers, I'm desperate... but I don't realize what the clock is. I see something rush in front of me and fear grips my chest. I feel adrenaline rush into my veins. I have to move. I have to remove the clock. But why?

"We will show those who take it for granted..."

How is time important, and why does it drive me forward? Ten seconds. Why did my heart drop? Oh right. I remember now. I was covered in dirt, and I tried to remove the watch as the seconds decreased. My clothes looked more like tattered rags. This clock. It counts life. We were puppets used for this pitiful experiment. I was screaming now, trying to rip off the watch before the countdown ended.

"Just how precious time is."

The watch counted zero and I felt the bottom shift and something prick my skin. The watch was a death clock, and only those who made it to the other side survived. My system was being poisoned and I felt it shutting down. I cried, trying to fight what was quickly killing me. And as my vision faded, I had one thought.

"What if time were to stop?"