Black, with an empty silence
only darkness fills this place
Nothing, no thoughts or memories
all gone without a trace

Lost, no way to be found
no light to show me the way
Silence, no voice to be spoken
empty screams with nothing to say

Mindless, thoughts too scattered
too many too keep track
Frustrating, thoughts fading fast
getting too hard to bring them back

Broken, train of thought gone again
never slowing down at all
Shattered, the thoughts that remain
are left in pieces too small

Fragile, a page can be torn in two
empty words drawn too deep
Blankness, a book without meaning
ink smears as the page begins to weep

Memories, pieces left behind
incomplete, no whole ones remain
Falling, unable to hold onto the past,
yet it marks the heart like a stain

Unwritten, words the future holds
blank pages needing me to fill
Sleep, dreams will find the words
my mind refuse to spill