The End of Us

My eyes may glance away from you,
but you're the one that lied
You make every moment next to you
feel like the longest suicide.

Supposedly, time heals all,
but with time comes lasting scars
The scars cut through the memories,
making forgiveness too damn hard.

The crack you left across my heart,
will never break me down
These walls of emotions rushing in,
will never make me drown

I know I will get over you,
and all your pretty lies
You can't go back to fix it now
You've used up all your tries

For all your tries were just in vain,
because you don't really care,
about what you've done to those around
You were never really there

Time heals all, or so they say,
but you can never come back
You've broken all my trust in you,
and you can never rebuild that

And if you tried to rebuild trust,
there's always one piece that won't stay
The shadow of doubt that creeps back in,
each and every day

And when that doubt creeps up within,
the walls of that rebuilt trust
That's when it all comes crashing down,
and that's the end of us.