Silent Anger

It burns with a heat
that no fire could hold
No cards to throw down
no way for you to fold

You decided to push
and silently poke
The anger inside
became endlessly stoked

You argued with an anger
that couldn't be controlled
while the rage inside
was too much for me to hold

But there was no way out
no apology for you
tomorrow would still come
with the same shit you do

Don't just stand there
like there's nothing you could say
two words could fix it all,
but you push me more each day

Continue to feed the flames
time and time again
like it all has been a game,
yet you have nothing left to win

You smile brightly to my face
then slide the knife in my back
Soon enough everyone will see
that smile fade to black

And when it does, you will be
standing alone in the cold
no one eating up your pretty lies
having no more power to hold

You're nothing more than sad
without your lies to keep you warm
No more flames to flicker higher
we've seen the end of your storm.