They'd said they were something from fairytales

They praised their beauty

They shined as bright as the stars they watched together

Into the night, they ran

The sunrise licking their heels, they sprinted

They were the conquerors of their own little kingdom

Stuck in a paradise, it was bliss

She absorbed the lies, shaking off the words of truth that trickled off my tongue

Slowly their castle began to ebb

Her thoughts coruscated

His limbs grew tired, he stood in place

He began to wither

She pulled him until he was far too old and grey

Alone, she stood in defeat

I watched her crumble and sink like sand

A bitter taste persisted within me

Knowing I couldn't stay and hold her

My back seemed to turn itself as my legs dragged themselves on

I'd known this from the start

They weren't mystical creatures made to last

They were momentary bruises that'd eventually fade and heal

I'd known their fate

My warnings echoed within me

Every word I'd spoken, resonating

I thought back to how she looked at me

A pain sparkling in her eyes

At that moment, I apprehended her

I understood her motives

My words didn't float through her

Rather, they pooled into her

Her destiny, their destiny, she knew of

But that didn't stop her

She'd dropped her guard and evolved into something stronger

This, she was aware of

And the tears crawled down my cheeks

I collapsed, hearing her response

"We're made of glass"

They were fragile

Their love wasn't created to sustain

They were never the fairytale

They'd always been the lonely aftermath

She'd wait and linger for this day to come

Try she may, it all would fail

Like a dream, it would fade

Without remembrance, their love would fade too