Once upon a time, there was a young boy who was on a long car ride to visit his grandparents. He had been in the car for such a long time, and really wanted to get out and play, but his mum wouldn't let him, so he made a plan. He would say that he needed to do a poo, so his mum would stop and let him out. So he tried this, and it worked. Then he had to get back into the car and, a while later, he again wanted to get out. So, he tried the same plan again, and it worked, and he did it a third time, and a fourth time, but the fifth time that he said he needed to do a poo, he really did! But his mum didn't believe him, she just wanted to finish the drive so she could rest, so the poor boy was ignored. He tried and tried to hold it in, yelling to his mum but she didn't believe him. Then, when he could hold it no longer, he pooped his pants. And that, kids, is why you should not lie about needing to do a poo.