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Act I, Scene III

Characters in this scene:




(Not too soon after Mort exits the stage on stage left, Alexis enters from stage right, skipping and humming while wearing a neon colored dress with sequined leggings and the same boots as before)

Alexis: (kinda sing-songy) I'm so excited, 'cause I look nice, and I'm gonna go to a party with my BFF (puts A LOT of emphasis on each F).

(Alexis stops as soon as she's finished and knocks on the curtain, there should be a "knock-knock-knock" sound. Roxanne comes out through the curtain, wearing the same outfit plus a zip-up hoodie.)

Alexis: (tilts head) Did you sleep in that?

Roxanne: (sarcastically) I had NO choice. Gnomes magically snuck in through the chimney and stole the rest of my clothes as well as my SANITY.

Alexis: I'll take that as a YES! (Punches the air)

Roxanne: (Looks at audience with her signature look, then walks out of curtain in silence)…I've got my camera on hold and the computer up and running.

(Roxanne takes camera out of pocket, and the necklace falls out of it onto the floor. Alexis bends down and picks it up)

Alexis: What's this? (Staring at it)

Roxanne: (shrugs) Something my brother flung at me before walking out the door. Said it was something like a good luck charm,

Alexis: It's really pretty. If you're not gonna wear it, can I?

Roxanne: Sure.

Alexis: YAY! (Puts necklace on over her head) It's REALLY pretty. We should get going then.

Roxanne: Sounds like a plan.

Alexis: Stan.

(Roxanne looks at audience, then sighs)

Alexis: (giggles) Come on Roxy. I'm pretty sure the audience is tired of that running gag.

Roxanne: Lexi…you need help.

(Roxanne walks on and exits stage right and Alexis soon skips after her, humming.)

(Spotlight on a mysterious man in a black trench coat and hat as he enters from stage left)

?: Ah, I just love it when they make the job easy.

(He exits on stage right and the spotlight dies down)

End Of Scene

I swear, some days I'm Alexis, and others I'm Roxy. There is no in between…