Thank you

You are my trusty fan,

Calm but powerful.

When I'm hot you cool me down.

When I'm sleepy you muffle out any other noise that could disturb me.

You are my friend.

And one day when you break down,

I'm gonna get you fixed.

Because you've been there for me,

So I will be there for you.

And if one day I do have to throw you away,

I will get a new fan,

But I will always remember the ten dollar fan that was by my bedside for so far two years.

But to be honest I probably should forget,

You're just a fan.

It would be weird to remember something that is inanimate.

But I don't want to be normal,

I want to be myself.

I'm gonna miss you fan.

I'm gonna miss the Minnie Mouse towel I lost in high school P.E.

I'm gonna miss the blanket my parents could never separate me from when I was a child.

I'm gonna miss the house I grew up in.

I'm gonna miss the classrooms that I sat in.

I'm gonna miss that one dog in that one pet shop in Las Cruses.

I'm miss all the restraunts I used to go to.

I'm gonna miss all the traditions.

I'm gonna miss so much,

But I will make new memories.

I will have new things that will come with a lot of sentiment attached.

Like my trust worthy fan,

Thank you.