Wake up! Wake from your slumber
America where are you?
Opiates for the masses, opiates for them asses
Popular culture nullifying your brain
Internet prevelance precludes the development
Of our collective consciousness

Wake up and smell the Feudalism at hand
Housing bubble burst, towers fell,
We trusted them and they broke us
Broke our confidence and knowledge
Political discourse, debate, war
We kill the trees, while we wage the green war

Wake the third eye
Learn that we are so much more
Don't fear, no fear
They shall fear the revolution

The complacency turns the tables
Smell the blood, blood on your hands
Fighting for the wars which only profit the rich man
Conservative, preservative
Liberal incorrigible
Democracy idiocracy
Sliding into the abyss

Fighting for the right to just marry, to just be happy
Human rights become invalid
Invalidated by the media hypocrisy

Hypocrites, you hypocrites
You know not what you do
Do as I say and not as I do, now

Become a puppet,
Yet we cut the string

It's all become rotten and stinks of misery and sadness.
Amen amen, America the beautiful
The rotten stench of money burning our world apart.
Men in suits control the world by the push of a button
And blow everything to hell and gone.