Its funny how people don't listen

When you say the past is dead

Already deleted her but

Now I gotta deal with this again

Fuck 'fate' and 'destiny' today

In this matter I'll go my own way

I don't care what she told you

I don't care what her intentions were

Twelve years was a long time ago

Lovers or friends, what did it matter?

We both made our choices, no going back

Young and stupid, that's what we were

You wanted adventure, I needed an escape

In the end love was blind- I made a mistake

One that took me years to set right

Bridges that were burned can't be rebuilt

You can't live in the past

we shut the door- said our goodbyes

No matter what, what's done is done

Whatever we were is over now

We have no place in each other's lives

Do I still love you?


Do I still miss you?


But I'm done fighting with my past

My future doesn't include you & I've accepted that.

Life moved on and so did we

I will make my own choices now

If I had wanted you in my life

I wouldn't have let you go

I would have contacted you on my own

This time I'm standing my ground

You are not my lover

You are not my friend

You are just someone I used to know

A long long time ago