In a barren world where nothing can live.
The people stay quiet with nothing to give.

Nothing is noticed, no place I can go.
My world may be breaking, but nothing will show.

Nobody and nothing will know how I've grown.
Nothing within me is more than alone.

My spirit feels nothing when I gaze in the sky.
My body's worth nothing, so I bid it goodbye.

Awaking to nothing (I want it all to be through.)
Now i'm thinking that nothing's the best thing to do.

No scorn here or hate. Nothing missing or torn.
Got nothing but questions like, "Why was I born?"

There's nothing around me, nothing to try, no one around me since nothing's Inside.

Nothing could conquer what fears paralyzed.
Nothing to save me from rotting with flies.
Nothing to reach towards (I'm hardly surprised.)
That nothing can save me from life and it's lies.