It's our World

By: Amber Waldrop

This world is exhausting,

and I admit I'm tired;

but you're systems are broken,

and I can't climb higher.

To be what I want,

I must jump through your hoops.

To live with myself,

I must follow your rules.

Education is major,

and standards are a must,

but can't you see that you're limiting us?

You're dumbing us down,

fitting a mold.

"We all had to do it."

That's what we're told.

But if what we're taught is really true,

shouldn't evolution be your clue?

We are different,

a new generation;

here to teach a new salvation.

We know what we want,

let us take it whole.

Not give us pieces,

and call it gold.

Your subjects are pointless,

they teach us nothing.

Your money is worthless,

just paper or something.

You think we're ignorant,

bratty, and vain;

but really it was you that gave us our names.

In truth,

You are greedy and bitter,

because you've gone blind.

For you, people just fall in line.

You failed to see when you had the chance,

and followed in the 'normal' trance.

It's not your fault,

you obeyed well,

but now you're just a hollow shell.

So take step back,

it's our turn now.

We are the new political cloud.

We'll break the system,

and build anew.

We'll youngins' do.