Chapter 1

Scarlet opened her eyes she couldn't move, this confused her. She felt an natural surge of anger, causing her to try to move and couldn't. She was able to get her head eventually lead to the side. She instantly regretted that decision. She watched a doctor come up and slowly start sawing at her wrist with a buzz saw. She felt no pain but was horrified at the sight. Once it was all the way through they from the table. She was shocked, but then felt a giant surge of anger. She watched a purple smoke start spewing from her wound, the smoke slowly moved farther on as she noticed her hand forming back. She watch as her whole hand reformed from the smoke, then she watched the smoke get absorbed into her body again. She then felt a constant urge of anger, suddenly she was able to move. She didn't realize this until she lunged at the doctor. She tore the buzz saw out of his hand and turned it on sawing into his neck till he stopped squirming. She panted standing up she walked over to a mirror on the wall and she was shocked seeing a blood covered girl with one purple eye replacing her normal red eye. "What have they done to me... " she muttered to herself.

The door opened and a voice said. "Excuse me do..."

"I would leave, and not tell anyone" she says looking at the nurse that had walked in. The nurse left without a word.

She smiled as she walked into the middle of the room and spotted a walked to it and vent she sawed it tell it fell off and it hit the floor with a loud clang. She jumped up and grabbed the edge of the vent. She grunted as she pulled herself up into the vent. As she crawled through the vent looking for another cover. When she did she popped off the top, she had tried to grab it but she missed and it hit the floor. She heard footsteps and a guard appeared bellow.

She tensed up readying the buzz saw in case she needed to use it. She sighed internally as she saw the guard look up at me and letting out a yell. She lunged at him with the buzz saw slicing at him with the saw until he stopped moving. She stood up and walked away from him, red stained the area around her. She felt bad for the guard but she had to stop him, he helped the doctor safe, the evil man that changed her life in a way she doubt she understood yet. She walked along the halls noticing nurses hiding when they saw her walking near them, she understood why but it made me feel like a monster. She felt little to no anger left in her, which made her look at these people very differently. She walked to the elevator and hit the open button, after a minute the doors opened and she walked inside I hit the lobby button, the doors closed and the elevator descended. Scarlet's eyes widened as she saw the line of guards in the lobby waiting for her. As soon as they say her they opened fire. Scarlet cried out in pain temporarily as she collapsed against the wall. She groaned as smoke filled the elevator and her vision turned purple. Soon the pain went away as she noticed her perspective going up, like she was getting taller.

Scarlet tried to move but couldn't she only was able to watch the guards start backing up in fear, one decided to shoot at her but missed at this point she unwillingly lunged forward and grabbed the guard. Scarlet noted the black snout she had for the first time and then wished she hadn't seeing it chomp down on the head of the guard with a crunch as it broke through the spine loudly. the guard dropped to the floor decapitated, which sent the other guards into a fury as the shot at her for their protection, some accidentally shot each other, which was probably for the better as the other ones were torn to pieces as Scarlet just watched like it was a pov movie. As she tore the last guard apart, one had ran in and began shooting at Scarlet's back, she turned and lunged forward grabbing the guards head she slammed it into the wall, she watched the guard drop to the floor missing his head, which was splattered all over the wall.

Scarlet charged through a set of double doors, entering a waiting room she watched as everyone coward in fear as she rushed through and out one of the largest windows in that room. She charged along the street, the sound of sirens blaring in the distance. She turned down an alleyway and charged through the winding alleys before coming to the end of an alley before there was another cloud of smoke forming around her. Her vision returned to normal as she stumbled forward. She collapsed to the ground unable to move any more. Scarlet struggled to stay awake but failed as sleep took over.

Scarlet woke up with a groan as she sat up "What the hell happened" She muttered to herself as she sat up. "Oh yeah, I escaped from a hospital...and other stuff had happened" She muttered to herself as she stood up. She brushed off her clothes and tail as she walked through the alleyways trying to find her way out. after a few minutes she walked out onto a street, the reaction of everyone around her was instant they all cowered in fear and ran away from her. "Wonderful" she muttered to herself as she walked down the street. Her stomach was growling so she walked down the street looking for some sort of food source. After a while she found a McDonalds and walked inside. The people all cleared out as fast as possible as I walked to the counter, a employee cowered behind the counter. I leaned over and said "Miss, I would like to order if possible"

"Okay...mi...miss. wha… you want?" the employee asked.

"A number 10 meal please."

"Okay right away miss." the employee said as she ran back into the kitchen before coming back a few seconds later with a bag. "here you go ma'am. have a nice day" Scarlet took the bag and nodded, she left the fast food place and walked down the street eating her food. She notice a guy approaching her from behind and another one from in front. By this time she finished eating and was about the throw her bag away as the guy from behind her rushed forward. Scarlet turned to see the guy was charging her with a knife, she felt something click in the back of her mind as she grabbed the guys wrist and pulled him forward kicking him in the chest. She watched his body try to fly back but forced him to turn due to Scarlet holding his arm. He grunted as she lead him into a wall and collapsed onto the ground. She picked up the knife as she heard a clicking sound behind her.

"Don't move" Commanded a male voice, the other guy from behind her. Scarlet turned quickly throwing the knife at the guy as he fired the gun hitting her in the shoulder. Scarlet was shocked to find how accurate she had been with the knife as the guy collapsed to the ground with the knife stuck in his neck. She walked over to him picking up the gun and forcefully dislodging the knife from the dead man's neck. She flicked her wrist that held the knife to clean the blade off of blood, leaving a nice thin arch of blood on the side walk. She sighed figuring more people were going to be like that, she decided to keep the gun and knife. She slide the knife into the waistline of her skirt to her side and slide her gun into the backside waistline of her skirt. She hid both under her shirt as she continued on her way. She kept walking trying to find a way out of this city figuring it was dangerous for herself and others.