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Chapter 2

The Concrete Jungle

Scarlet sighed as she laid out on a couch, she wrapped her tail around her waist. She reached over to a side table and grabbed a brush. She proceeded to brush her tail, feeling the tangles snag on the brush, getting a well-deserved wince from herself. After around a half hour of proper hair care she turned on the T.V., the news was still asking people if they knew anything about her, and to contact to police if someone had spotted her. "It's been three days, why are they still on such high alert." She muttered as she got up from the couch.

Scarlet made her way across the soft rug flooring to a small one-person bedroom. Making her way over to her closet she heard a faint siren in the distance, though that didn't surprise her, they were always going on it seemed in this part of town. She opened the closet looking at the clothes the previous owner had left behind. She grabbed both a tank top and short. She sighed as she felt along the back of the shorts, her tail wouldn't like being compressed so much. In an attempt to find scissors, she went to the kitchen, with her luck she found a nice sharp pair of scissors. After a few minutes of cutting and retying stiches to the best of her ability, Scarlet got to try on her tailored shorts. She slipped of the skirt she had been wearing since she ran away, it was her favorite skirt, though blood doesn't come out that easy, so despite her wishes she had to change. Once she had both her shirt and skirt off the laid them in the bathroom across the tub, the rather nice tub did have a lot of red stains from her cleaning up yesterday.

Instead of just standing there lost in thought about how her life dealt her a very shitty deck, she got dressed. To her luck the clothes fit, a little tight, but still it fit. She stretched and adjusted herself so that her breast didn't feel like they were being smashed against her body. "That's better" she said breathing a soft sigh of relief. Scarlet for the first time noticed that the sirens were getting louder and louder, though that wasn't surprising. She was in a very shady hotel after all, someone probably got stabbed in the alley or something.

Once Scarlet made sure she had the little money the last owner had so graciously left for her to use, she decided to unlock and open the door, stepping out into the hallway. She was greeted by a few doors slamming shut on her floor. "of course they would be scared of me" she muttered. It probably didn't help that she had walking onto the floor in blood soaked clothes, and proceeded to kick out a person staying in one of the rooms on their floor.

Scarlet had just walked out of the hotel and into the street when she noticed the police car race by, she watched it past when she thought she recognized the passenger. "It…it can't be" she said to herself. Deciding to follow the car the best she could, she would end up in front of an abandoned factory, there was everything from police, to the special taskforce. "What happened here" she said a little louder than she meant to. With her luck though, the only person that noticed what the one person she wanted to talk to. She looked over the police girl as she walked over to her. Her mid length almost amber hair and piercing Icy blue eyes sent shivers down her spine.

"This is a crime scene, please continue on with your day" the girl said in a stern by sweet voice.

"So your telling me that you don't recognize me?" Scarlet asked almost desperately. She wanted to know that this was the same person she grew up with. As she and the girl stared at each other, Scarlet would feel something sharp, and almost cold touch her back.

"Hands where I can see them" said a husky male voice behind her. "It's almost sad, such a murderous person fooled into thinking that a clone was her sister" he added to just mock her. To her surprise the girl had a look of shock, like even though she was a clone she didn't know she was one. Scarlet silently pleaded that despite being a clone, her fake sister would help her. Her mental pleading was stopped quickly when she felt the cold metal wrap around her wrists.

"I can take her to the truck if you want sir" said the clone, sounding as nice as she could be.

"That would be appreciated Jessica, I have to get all this fake crime scene cleaned up." Said the other officer as he walked off toward the group of police cars. Scarlet let out a grunt when she was forced forward towards an alley. Jessica, her fake sister, seemed to have other plans than the one she had told her officer friend she was going to do. This was even more obvious when she dragged Scarlet down an alley and into what looked like an abandoned house. Jessica then to put Scarlet in an old wooden chair, the room was rather dark, except for the light in the left side of the room.

"Why are we here?" Scarlet asked looking around.

"Well this is my hideout" Jessica replied like it was no big deal. "So you are my Sister, is that right?"

It took a second for Scarlet to process the question. "Wait, so you stole me from your officer friends because there's a chance were siblings?" She said before bursting out into laughter. "even if you're not the original, your exactly like my sister" she said smiling.

"The problem is that I don't remember you Scarlet" Jessica said sighing. "So if you want, I wouldn't mind staying around you and getting to know my sister better"

"Well the thing is, as you say I'm wanted by law, I wouldn't want to ruin your life because you're a clone of my sister" Scarlet tried to argue as Jessica undid her handcuffs and let her stand up.

"I want to stay near you, there's no getting me to go away" Jessica said with such confidence, she frowned a little when all she got out of Scarlet was a "Fine…. okay…. you can stick around" in a very frustrated voice. Jessica then lead her sister rout the back door and down a long corridor of alley ways tell it led the out onto a street that Scarlet recognized.

"We should crash at my place…" Scarlet said grabbing her sisters arm and pulling her down the street toward her 'borrowed' apartment. Within a few minutes they were both awkwardly sitting on Scarlet's couch.

"We can't stay here for long, you know that right" Jessica said. "they know your living here"

"Well the plans to make a plan here and then act upon said plan" Scarlet said smiling. "Of course were going to get revenge on who did this to me" all she got from Jessica was a quiet nod, this got Scarlet to smile. "Well, let's start planning" she said before going and getting lots of paper.