One Day, We Won't

Hug your mom in public

And kiss her on the cheek, too.

It's not only kind and loving,

But something you can't always do.


Read aloud to your mom

When her head and eyes hurt.

It's time-consuming and aggravates your throat,

But I think it's worth it, if it's for her.


Hold your mom's hand

Even when you're just watching TV.

It's not a large gesture,

But it's nice just to sit with her and be.


Love your mom with everything you have;

Give her your very heart.

She's already given you hers,

And one day, the two of you will be forced apart.


Two years is a long and painful time.

I can't imagine how forever will feel.

My mom is in and out of the hospital.

We dread her passing; it just seems too real.


I've done all of the things that I mentioned,

But I wish that I'd do them more.

Because one day I won't be able to

And that notion leaves my heart aching and sore.


Before she passes,

I vow to continue hugging and kissing her.

I vow to continue reading to her.

I vow to continue holding her hand.


I will continue to love her

Long after she leaves this world,

Because she's my mother

And I'm her little girl.