Episode One and a Half: Rain.
White haired girl:
It was raining in the city today.
The small drops fell from the sky and wet my hair and shoulders, sending chills to my spine.
Oddly though, I didn't want to retire out of the light weather. I've been thinking about many things recently, one being my past.
I'm not the kind of person to follow things I know I can't catch; one of the reasons I didn't question why I could not remember exactly how I came to live on the streets. But lately things have been different than they have before.
I no longer need to search the backside of restaurants for food or take cover under an overhang when it rains. Now I have a warm place to return to when the night turns cold and the weather picks up.
I have a luxury I never thought I could posses; to worry about things other than survival. And it's odd. I didn't know how different I had it before until I started living anew, and now I've started to wonder about things.
My thoughts are interrupted when a familiar voice rings out from the alley and Windsper comes around the corner, leaning into the wall.
"Hey." He says plainly.
I tilt my head to him, "Digit send you to babysit me again?"
He chuckled dryly and shook his head, "Never." The rain dewed his hair and rolled down the light skin on his face. "Thought I'd come out here on my own accord."
He shrugged, "I'm curious why you're soaking wet in the cold rain."
"It's not important." I said and started walking past the alley. He trotted up to my side with his hands in his pockets and walked in unison with my steps, "You see..." He began, "The last person that told me that ended up with a plasma explosion in their room."
"Digit?" I asked, already sure it was her.
"Right on the dot."
I smirked, because there is no doubt in my mind that it isn't true.
We walked side by side for a while, me choosing the corners we turned and him following suit. It was only until a quarter hour later when I realized I had subconsciously made my way in the section of the city that I lived at.
I stopped where I stood and turn around, walking back in the other direction and Windsper followed with no objection. After a while I finally spoke up, "Why'd you really come to me Windsper?"
He wasted no time hesitating. "Did you honestly forget your name?"
I pressed my lips together and kept walking, but Windsper slowed to a stop. "As far as I know, that's hard to do."
"I did a lot of hard things back then." I said and turned around to face him.
The rain fell heavily between us and he stared into my eyes, just behind my mask. He didn't say anything for a long moment, the only sound was the rain and the few passing cars.
I didn't notice until now how deserted the streets were.
"Do you want to know why we go by these names?" He asked me.
I nod my head solemnly.
"Because each of us has left behind the person we used to be, not able to carry that heavy weight with us as we try to lift this city."
"You can't let it weigh you down..." I said bobbing my head in understanding.
He nodded. "You're similar to us in that way. Only difference is we remember our names."
I didn't say anything.
Quiet passed between us like the wind and rain fell from our faces like tears.
I still haven't reached the idea that I'm like the A.o.H. Even after fighting their battles with them it's hard for me to believe, I don't know why though. It's funny though, because they don't quite seem to share my view on that, I wouldn't have expected such.
Windsper started walking towards me and I tilted my head up slightly to look at his face. He raised his arm and held his sleeve over my head blocking some rain from further soaking through my hair.
"You know, it looks like we've been swimming." He said and I looked up at his arm unsure but chuckled "Not my turn for laundry, I'm not complaining."
He dropped his hand and lowered his head. "Dang it, it's my week."
I raised the corner of my mouth briefly then turned around and started to walk down the sidewalk. "I guess we should head in then?" I asked as Windsper joined my side.
"Yeah..." He muttered and his voice trailed off. "I just forgot where the entrance to the base is in this sector."
I scanned the area and then pointed to the windows of an old looking store with big letters spelling out 'UNDER CONSTRUCTION.'
"There." I said and Windsper followed the path of my finger.
"Right I knew that." He said humorously and started rushing across the street.
"Liar." I mumbled and dashed across the street after him. The water splashing under my feet, shining the colors of the stoplights.