"Nng…" Her hand went up to her head, a major headache coming on.

"Cai? Are you here? Caelum?" She shouted. The apartment remained silent.

Getting off the bed, she spied the note on the bedside table. It read


I've gone out to talk to Avdimi. I've left you some food in the fridge. Caelum will be back around 6am if you want to wait. I hope you feel better.


"My god," She whispered to herself. She rushed into the kitchen. She grabbed her phone, seeing if there was a clue to where he went on it. She read the exchange of massages and ran out the door.

"Don't you touch her!" He screamed, punching Avdimi in the face.

"Don't touch me," Avdimi smiled, catching an attack with his hand.

Cai quickly spun, his hand still locked in place by the taller man, his legs kicking the bottom of his neck, Avdimi's head flung backwards in recoil.

He broke from the wrist lock while the other was caught off guard, and punched him in the face once again.

"Don't. ever. Touch her," He yelled, punching him in the face with every word.

In between punches, Avdimi grabbed for his neck and clenched on.

"Stop…" His hoarse voice sounded, struggling for breath, clawing at his throat.

His smile widened maniacally as Cai's eyes started to roll back in his head.

"Cai!" A scream rang through the area as Cecile ran toward the two. As he was distracted, Cai punched him in the face one last time, knocking the bigger man out then collapsed on the floor.

Cecile helped with the attack by pushing Avdimi over the bridge, the dead weight landing with a splash in the shallow river.

Heaving from the task of pushing the heavy man over the bridge she ran back to where he was kneeling, heaving.

"Cai! Are you okay?" She asked, searching for her phone. His eyes started to close and she shook him to keep him up. "Don't die on me!"
When she located the phone, she instantly called 911. Before she could speak though, he grabbed her arm and whispered "I love you." And collapsed into a heap.

Her eyes watered as she was calling an ambulance and cried while she waited.

It had been a month since that accident had occurred. The search for Avdimi, who had shown up at sea a week or so later and the search for his murderers had already passed through the news.

She had been going to the hospital every day after work and during visiting hours during the weekend.

She had told the doctors that he had been in a gang fight that night and was being strangled when she arrived. She also told them that the gang member had ran when she saw them, she didn't see the gang members face, and she had no relation to Cai except being an acquaintance.

She'd talk to him every day when she got there about her day, how she was regaining her memory from the past, and even about things that were happening on the news, staying at the hospital for hours at a time, just talking.

In that month, her whole memory had been regained and when she had found out how much love she had for that man, she wept for hours on end, wanting to see him, hug him, be with him.

A few days after, he opened his eyes when she had be in the room.

"Cai!" Her eyes watered, throwing herself over his lithe form. "I remember everything now! Thank you!"

She looked him in the eyes. "I realize how much I love you now."

He gave her a blank look, his eyes and face portraying no emotion.

"Who are you?"