Black Sabbath

By Shadowgate


There was a village in northern Europe and the year was 1919. The villagers got along peacefully. They had running water for bathing, cooking, and laundry. Food was easy to come by. The village had a big school that taught children until they were 18 after which they were declared adults and went off to work in the village.

However all was not peaceful. There were fairies and they wore combat boots. Lately they marched through the village because they recently became tired of being called "queers" "faggots" and "drag queens."

Then there was the Iron Man who had been mistreated as a boy. He left the village and he went to work hard in other villages. He was well cared for and respected. He grew up to be 6'4" and very strong.

But now he has his eye on the village he was born in where he was scorned in. He seeks revenge.

He's not the only angry one. There was an old wizard who lived at the top of a mountain in the village. He was said to know black magic. Why he was so angry and would he strike was not known but the village was always on guard.

The threat the village was not aware of was from that of an evil being known as the Dehumanizer.

So begins the tale of Black Sabbath!

The Wizard stood before the village and said "I have decided to take over this corrupt village. I will implement law and order."

The Dehumanizer showed up and said "no I've got my eye on this town."

The Wizard said "I don't think so you ugly looking fool."

The Dehumanizer shot lightning out of his hand and the Wizard was dead at the age of 66.

The Dehumanizer laughed but along came the Iron Man.

"The truth is everyone I'm the one looking to take over this town. Not that puny old fool."

Soon dark clouds came over the town. Then the Iron Man started stomping on the ground.

The fairies were enraged. Of course the town didn't look forward to Iron Man taking over either so they were enraged as well.

Ironman with his brute strength took on the fairies.

It was only a matter of time and all the fairies were wiped out.


Dehumanizer said "well that's my goal to do you want to be partners?"

Ironman said "deal" and the village had two new rulers.