House Yure Face is a strong house in the lower Zachland region. Owned by lord Yure Face a young lord only fifteen summers old. Given his house for exceptional valor during the great doll invasion. He launched small strikes on rear guards. Determined and his forces loyal despite many only aging seven through twelve. After routing and slaying many. I appointed him a vederabardship (vassalage). I then gave Yure a small county castle in the lower Zachland region. Instantly he built domestic building in his holdings. A ordinary tavern built by a senior dwarf adventure named Crungor payed the fee and coined the Yure Face's Tavern. Bringing in traders and giving the castle residents a place to wind down and buy drinks. As well as sing and dance.

Next he built five merchant stalls. Two food peddlers, one pawnbroker, one fish seller, and one Jeweler bought the stalls. His castle estate was growing ninety citizens turned into four hundred and seven. He would later ask for more land. In secret we talked about me changing my last name (I plan on changing my last name to Irongrass). Eager to prove his worth and loyalty. His kissed my Irongrass Empire kingship ring. Satisfied I gave him more prosperous land. I gave him another castle estate. Again he built another Tavern and more stalls for merchants to sell goods.

Within two years he boasted a population of one-thousand and six loyal subjects. He even married and was a proud father of twin boys. Thus Ensuring the Yure Face line was safe. With domestic income bringing in profits Yure has invested in defensive fortifications such as palisades and moats. In short I like and very much enjoy Yure's company. That and he is also a very diligent and skilled vederabard.