The Adventures of David and Connie-The Doctor Appointment

By Shadowgate

13 year old David O'Connor and his eight year old sister Connie O'Connor were bored to death in the waiting room. Their mother Linda was reading People Magazine which both her kids hated.

They waited 20 minutes before the nurse called them in. When they got in David saw a close friend Seymour Nile.

"Seymour" David shouted with excitement.

Seymour smiled and said to David "hey are you sick or just here for a checkup?"

David answered "checkup" and Seymour told him "same here."

The nurse decided to get Connie's weight, temperature, and blood pressure first since David was talking to his friend.

Seymour told David "my mom's a nurse here so she let me borrow a stethoscope."

David said "let me see it."

Seymour passed the stethoscope to David and David said "let me hear your heart."

Seymour nodded and David put the stethoscope in his ears and pressed the chest piece over his heart.

After listening for 15 seconds Seymour took a deep breath and David said "your heart and lungs sound good Seymour."

David gave the stethoscope back to Seymour and the nurse called him over to the scale.

After she was done with his height, weight, temperature and blood pressure she put him in an exam room with Connie. Soon their mother caught up with them.

"I'm sorry I just couldn't put down that magazine" Linda said.

The nurse gave a fake smile and left.

Linda shut the door and said "alright now David I know two weeks ago you went to a party. I don't know if you drank or did drugs but you and Connie can easily be drug tested at the doctor's office. Oh and of course there's always home drug testing that parents can do now."

David exhaled and said "what if I didn't go to a party? You would criticize me for not having a social life. While it's true there are home drug testing kits available and some parents might need them the only reason you're excited about them is because you're insecure as a mother."

Connie said "ewe."

Linda snapped "I'm not insecure as a mother."

David shot back "that fat lady down the street you talked to down the street says children aren't disciplined enough. Oh and then there are the new black neighbors we have the Delmars. Mrs. Delmar always runs around saying 'if that be my child I be whooping some ass yo!"

Linda exhaled and said "oh my God."

Connie was giggling the whole way through.

Doctor Clyde Tanner entered the room and said "hello everyone."

The children said in unison "hello Doctor Tanner."

The doctor went on to say "alright you two are here for back to school checkups right?"

Both children nodded and the doctor asked "who shall I examine first?"

David said "ladies first."

Connie turned with a smirk on her face and said "when it comes to getting dessert after dinner you never let me go first."

Linda told David to step outside of the exam room so the doctor could examine Connie. He did so on the double and his friend Seymour came by.

David said "Seymour" and Seymour asked "what's going on now?"

David told Seymour his sister was getting her checkup so he had to step out.

Seymour asked David what he thought of the new Slayer Album. David told Seymour "anything Slayer I love."

Seymour said "good and have you checked out Gojira yet?"

David answered "yes thanks for sending me a video link to their concert."

Seymour pulled his cellphone out and showed David a Gojira video.

David said "yes."

After the video ended David asked "Seymour how does your mom feel about parents being able to drug test their kids?"

Seymour answered "I've not talked to her about it but it's done here when they take piss and blood from you. If schools can do it then parents sure can."

David nodded and said "oh but we always hear schools can't discipline the kids anymore."

Seymour laughed and said "school teachers can't discipline they say. Well remember last year we had that fat lady substitute?"

David groaned.

Seymour added "imagining beheading her gives me warm feelings inside."

Seymour and David both smile and Seymour puts his arm around David.

A few minutes later David was called in for his physical exam.

He sat up on the table and the doctor checked his reflexes. David smiled while kicking.

Doctor Tanner then looked in his ears, eyes, and throat.

David said "ahh" on command.

David took off his t-shirt and let Doctor Tanner listen to his heart and lungs. After having him lie down to feel his stomach the doctor was finished and sent him to the lab for blood work and a urine sample.

On the way home Linda said "well if you say you didn't do drugs or alcohol at the party and you're telling the truth then I'll know for sure. Oh and David I guess you're right I shouldn't be automatically suspicious of you just because you're a kid."

David replied "thanks mom."

The End