I found myself amidst the twists and turns of the coils that tangled around the corridor light.
The beat and rhythm that played against the floor of the open path consumed what seemed to be all but the grand hall.
Sheets of pale moss, webs of empty inhabitants, and corners of what seemed to have been shadows left behind, incidentally, entailed the alienated sanctuary no-one calls home.
The small bumps and quakes got louder and stronger.
The cries and shrieks of each step forward tremblingly left me at stalemate with the wooden floorboard.
I stopped.
I felt destitute and broken.
The rumbled aches in my stomach won't budge.
The foul aroma of rotted flesh and death crept at my feet.
It remained a hindrance.
The corrosive structure of the building seemed unstable.
Shattered glass rained and blanketed the ground beneath me as I moved ahead.
This abandoned maze I ventured through could only do harm.
Then, as if a fog was lifted, the haze in my eyes seemed to have dispersed.
I am still alone.
Earlier that day I routinely woke up on the street corner.
I wished that when I wake the first thing I would see would not be the trashcan sitting next to me.
The morning light was brighter than usual.
Deep blue and velvet gray painted the sky dry.
Clouds of silver flooded and stroked the open air.
The roads were newly paved and rendered to the era of cars.
Shades of dirty brown and mud were bestowed upon me.
Not a one gave notice.
So I took heed and I wandered into this little abode to which now no-one will know.

The story started out slow like boiling water beginning to burst with the flames that surround it.
Water, like crystals of pure diamond crumbled down my face.
Large drops with a steady form hit the ground.
As I cried, the Earth seemed to have stood still once more.
My mind seemed to have been written in white, colored in pale, and painted in light.
Blank like the pages foreseen, my head emptied itself getting lost in nothingness.
I proceeded forward as the clouds of bitterness became apparent.
The beat returned as I raced hectically to find my way through.
It ringed in my head.
The sound of thumps and drums banged against my chest.
It was my heart tearing through my body ripping its way out.
My last breath became loose and like the taste of freedom I found my way out.
I fell face down to the ground as I could not run any more.
The clouds above could not be seen nor the grass beneath.
The air was murky and the floor was dry-cold.
Though I am still alone, least now no-one will know.