Author's Note: Okay, this story is going to be completely random/ well, I guess it can be a very rough draft of a story... I did not have any planning at all, so I'm going to improvise along the way, but if you're free, please review and spot any noticeable grammar mistakes. I've always wanted to do a reincarnation novel about a girl being transported in to an Kdrama, or any sort of RomCom drama in general. So here it is! MWAHAHAHAHAA!

Another note, I really am just trying to puke out a story, so the flow of writing may be off, but I'll at least try to keep the tense in check! Have fun reading!

I'm late, I'm late, I am so friggin late!

Right now, I'm sprinting to a bus stop with excitement! Ready to go home and watch the last episode of Anything I Want.

As I run, I reminisce about the drama (Anything I Want).

I remember the first episode where the heroine, Minzy, gets introduced. I also remember about the handsome love interest, Jonathan! Now that guy is my favourite character. Not only is he handsome, he's smart, and athletic. Absolutely perfect! Hm? He's too perfect? Well, whatever, I like him, and nothing will change my mind!

As I run, I see a cafe with a purple sign. Purple reminds me of Shenna Hawthorn. Even her name sounds nasty. I start remembering her scenes in the drama as well. There's this scene where Shenna pushes Minzy into a pool, and another one where she pushes her off of a cliff. Lots of pushing going on with her. Suddenly, anger fires within me. I remember a scene where Shena lights Minzy's hair on fire! That nasty psychopath! But the anger within me subsides due to the handsome face of Jonathan appearing in my head. Yes, Jonathan always saves the day for the heroine, Jonathan is love, Jonathan is life!


The walking sign in front of me glows red. I stop running, and check my watch. It's already 7PM! The drama starts at 6PM, that means I'm an hour late?

Whilst waiting for the walking sign to turn green, I began spacing out in my thoughts.

So why am I late? Well, kendo lesson took longer than I thought, I mean, to choose between kendo and Anything I Want?

Kendo! Swords! Too cool to miss out!

Anything I want? Gossiping to friends about drama? That's cool too!


There's clearly no cars coming, why am I even waiting? At this rate, I won't be able to see the last episode. Well, I can watch it again next week, but what's the fun in watching it like that? When a drama is airing, you should watch it whilst it's airing. It's like a limited time kind of thing!


I look left and right. Check. No cars coming. Well, I'm going to cross the road, surely I won't get hit!

And so I crossed the road. See? It's not like a car will run into me.


And then suddenly blackness.

I look up and see the night sky through a very circular hole. Lots of stars. Ah, it smells awful, and I think I'm dying in a drain. What a life.


Ouch, my head hurts. It really, really hurts. There's a bright light shining on me. It hurts my ears.

Unfamiliar faces, unfamiliar room and an unfamiliar smell of smoke.

Hm? Smoke? Is something burning? OMG this place is on fire!

I got up from my position, and whoa! Everything looks so big. OMG giants, giants are everywhere.

No, wait!

I whack this man in front of me. It seems like he was trying to pick me up (literally).

He has a nice face, probably in his twenties. Coffee brown hair, and yellowish eyes.


Now that I look at myself...wait.What is this body?

I'm a baby?