It has been five years since my appearing into this world.

The setting that surrounds me is a beautiful rose garden. Currently, I'm under a lovely, white gazebo drinking milk and reading a book, along with Mary knitting something on the seat beside me. The three jolly men are outside of the house, off to work, I guess.

The book in front of me has the name 'The Essentials to Magic'. It's a book about magic. Yes, magic! The one that can make things float, set fire to something, control wind, earth and water! It's pretty exciting isn't it?

According to the book, magic is split into 6 different attributes. The most commons ones are earth, water, fire, and wind. The rarest ones are light and shadow.

This whole concept of light and shadow always reminds me of Anything I Want. Minzy has the light attribute, whilst Jonathan's is shadow. Knowing that those two are fated to be lovers really excites me, because, well, light and shadow! Two opposites! How romantic!

Anyway, I've already, literally, read this book a hundred times because Mary keeps on insisting that I read it. Honestly, I am bored, so I stare into empty space and ponder about something that's been bothering me since my coming into this world. It's the fact that people in this world have really weird hair and eye colours.

Apparently, having any colours of the rainbow, such as red, green, blue, purple, or even pink as your natural hair colour is completely normal! The thing that's not normal, and considers to present itself as rare, is having colours of black or white as your natural hair colour. Okay, that is just weird. In my previous life, I remember my hair being jet black, and right now it's purple, and I hate purple!

I lift up a flock of my purple hair, stare at it for a while, and grunt.

Purple is Shenna Hawthorn's hair colour! Yeah, that Shenna; the psychopathic witch that gets to burn off all of Minzy's beautiful, long hair in the second last episode of Anything I Want!

The book begins cover itself in small, blue flames. I immediately eye the flames, and it disappears within a split second.

"Is there anything wrong?" asks Mary. "Your fire magic is very strong, but, please, do learn to not light everything on fire again."

I face towards Mary, and reply calmly with a smile. "No, there's nothing wrong," I then turn my head and stare at the book in front of me.

Okay, back to my thoughts...

Another thing that baffles me are the eye colours of people in this world. So, it's also pretty normal to have any eye colours of the rainbow, except for red and blue. Well, the 'not normal' eye colours aren't as weird as the 'not-normal' hair colours, but I still find it quite unreal.

I glance at the red roses around me, and sigh.

My current eyes are purple, and whenever I look at myself in the mirror, I remind myself of Shenna Hawthorn, because her eyes are also purple. Actually, I do have moments in where I think I'm Shenna Hawthorn, but I would eventually stop, because I'll feel like setting the house on fire. Indeed I set my own room on fire once, but at least it wasn't the whole house!

I look up, gaze at Mary, and sigh again. Mary has been cautious of me and magic ever since that event...

Mary notices me staring at her, and smirks as if she knows what I'm thinking about. "Well, Shennasha is, really, a wonderful name," she says with one of her hand covering her smirk. Her smirk then transforms into a sad smile as she whispers, "it is the name of your previous mother,"

I smile as well and reply, "I know that," and pout. "You could've at least address me as Asha, like I've told you several times!"

"Indeed I could've, but it's not like I'm your maid, I'm your mother." Mary says this with a stutter," well, your new mother."

My heart clenches itself after those words. I'm not really sure what reply I should give.

Mary coughs a bit, noticing my quietness, and changes the topic. "Anyway, as a Hawthorn, I have more than enough rights to call you whatever I want," she says this in an over-extravagant, and posh voice.

At those words, I raise my voice in a sarcastic manner, "Oh, this is harassment!" And hit my hand against the table. My sarcastic voice then changes into a serious one, "you know I hate that name."

"Yes, I do, and I will make it so that you're life will be living hell," she says sarcastically, and then laughs hysterically with her palms covering her mouth. It is somewhat, a rich-lady laugh. It makes one feel like they're being look down upon, like an ant staring at Mt Everest, and wishing to become that mountain, but then realise that it's and ant, and that it can't grow that big. Well, I'm not an ant, so challenge accepted!

I stand, and lift my chin up, literally looking down at Mary.


And so, the garden fills itself with sounds of hysteric laugher.