Nobility Of My World Dulkaron

Dulkaron's are the third highest title. Vederabard's hold several dulkarons and dulkarony's under their thumb. As such Dulkarony reverse to the land owned. For Example say the land was named Funny Fork. The vederabard would assign his or her most useful svordvin (courtier). So lets say the svordvin's name was Tommie. Tommie would swear to serve his vederabard and provide food, taxes, and troops if needed. Now Tommie is known as Dulkaron Tommie. He would be given his castle or estate along with peasants and freedmen to toil Funny Fork's field. Every month Tommie will give his taxes. Along with his harvest, foraged, or hunted goods. Finally when his vederabard let's call her Vederabard Emily goes to war. Tommie gathers his troops both professional and militia to protect Emily. Now Tommie has a family four sons. Sadly Dulkaron Tommie fell in battle paying to ultimate sacrifice to his vederabard. His son Vandon becomes the next Dulkaron of Funny Fork. As the eldest son or daughter takes the title. In short Dulkarons are still an important nobility as their above knights and svordvins.