Long ago, there was nothing.

There was only the empty universe, but no magic, or world, or you, or I.

Then there was It, and It started everything. It had magic, all the magic, and It became overwhelmed. So It dispelled the Other to create one place, you and I call it Earth. Back then it was only made of the Other magic.

And so all was at peace.

But then It became lonely so it created It's children.

The first was Pavan, It's only daughter. We call Her Wind and Hope. Her opposite is Despair.

The second born was Yara, It's eldest son. We call Him Flame and Passion. His opposite is Apathy.

The third that came was Shara, It's second son. We call Him Stone and Strength. His opposite is Weakness.

The final child was Nadar, It's youngest son. We call Him Water and Intelligence. His opposite is Ignorance.

And so They existed for a very long time, They knew not of time like we do, for time does not effect them. Soon It's children wanted to create things of their own, so It set them upon the Earth to do as They may. It's children created many things, but the most important to you and me, was us. All of Them came together and created the Human Race, the Animals, and the Other beings. Shara made each of our forms from the Other, Nadar allowed our forms to move with the Other, Pavan let us breath in the Other, and It imbued us with Freedom and Thought. The more of the Other They used to create a being was equivalent to how much access that being had to the Other. However, there was one of It's children that did not take part in creating the Human Race.

The only One was Yara, the eldest son, He was left with nothing to give us and soon the Sorrow grew within Him. Yara tried many times to give us something of Himself, but time and time again we withdrew from Him, afraid. No other being shied away from Yara to such a great extent. None of the Other Races even feared Yara, for He was pure, good, and knew not of Evil. Soon His Sorrow grew so such greatness the Other magic became alive and came to His aid. The Other spoke to Yara and only Yara, for all others knew not of Sorrow or Emotion. Then Yara realized, He could make us Feel. And so He bestowed upon us, the gift of Emotion.

As They created and existed, the Other lived. Soon enough, after many years of our lives, the Other created something of it's own. We call it the Other Realm. The Other Races come and go from the Realm as they please, for they can touch the Other in all the ways we cannot. But we are different from the Other beings. We are made from the Other, and the Other Races can only, simply, use it.

Time went on and our lives passed and came again.