It was sometime during the late 1960s that a young man from Berea, Ohio whose name happens to be Jason Quest had arrived at the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco, California and started looking for a place to spend the night before he walked into this park and saw a beautiful blonde maiden in a flower dress sitting on the ground.

And when she saw Jason looking at her with curious eyes, she looked at him straight in the eye with her hands on her hips and asked, "What are you staring at?", which made Jason clear his throat and say, "I did not mean to stare at you. It really is just that I was walking around and looking for a place to stay before I found you here. Speaking of looking for a place to stay, do you know where I would be able to spend the night at?"

And when she looked deep into his brown eyes and found herself feeling sorry for the guy, the blonde got up on her feet, took Jason by the hand and said, "Come on. I know where to take you. By the way, my name is Stephanie Colbert.", before they took one step out of the park just in time to hear some loudmouth jerk yell out the words, "DIRTY STINKING HIPPIES!"

But when Jason turned around to see who said those words, Stephanie placed a gentle hand on his shoulder and said, "No need to worry about it. We get that a lot.", before they continued on their way to a huge house at the end of the street in time to hear Jefferson Airplane belting out a tune entitled 'White Rabbit'.

"Sounds like Andrew is on another one of his artistic kicks.", said a smiling Stephanie before she and Jason stepped inside the house and saw a naked brunette kneeling on the sofa with her tongue sticking out and her eyes fixed on a scruffy looking guy painting her portrait.

That was before Stephanie handed an already lit marijuana joint to Jason and said, "Here. Take a hit of this.", which made Jason shrug his shoulders and take his first inhale, only to cough it right out and see everything and everybody around him going up and down and spinning all around until it finally went dark.

And when he opened his eyes and felt such a nasty pounding in his head, Jason discovered much to his shock that he was naked on the sofa and in-between Stephanie and the girl that Andrew was using for a model before he found a note that said, "Went to get some more grass. Be back soon."

That was before Jason found out that Andrew was never coming back with anything because he had been picked up by the local cops for being the one thing that Jason also was which happens to be a draft dodger because they were all against our involvement in a war going on in Vietnam.