Pool Problems



The pearls of laughter filled the air, along with the sound of children splashing around in their little kid size pools. The smell of lotion and sunscreen scented the air. Highlighting the pool scene was the noticeable presence of teenage girls, laying belly down upon pool deck chairs. These were sun worshipers, bikini's were their vestment and tanning lotion their communion. Every once in a while, one of them would look up, remove her comical over sized darkened sunglasses and with a lust filled gaze, they would drink their fill of the handsome forms of the young men who strutted around the pool or sunned their carefully toned albs.

A deep blush filled Susan's high cheek bones as she stepped out of the changing room and into the strong sunshine. School was about to start, thus she planned on milking those last few remaining days, hours and minutes of sweet freedom that remained. The young tween was feeling full of herself. After much begging, pleading and countless hours of chores to earn the required amount of capital, she had finally convinced her mother to buy her that cute lime green polka dotted bikini, and not that childish one piece.

And so with her chest poked out, to show her budding chest line and prove she was indeed blooming into adulthood, and her coco brown hair styled back in a high ponytail she moved as one who seemed to command the whole the world. Though this mature frame of mind was quickly shattered.

"Susie!" A middle age woman called out. She had long red hair and wore a simple black one piece swimming suit. A light tan beach bag with a dark green palm tree sewn onto the center hung from her shoulders. "Come here Susie!" She called out again as she eased the bag down upon the ground. "We need to get you some sunscreen on."

Susan froze and quickly she turned around to greet her mother. Her cheeks flushed once more, this time because of embarrassment at her childhood nickname being called out in front of everybody. Quickly she gave her mother a roll of her eyes as she sighed and walked over to her.

Her mother blinked and blinked again as she peered toward her young daughter. Ever since her daughter turned from eleven to twelve, she been well, kind of hard to deal with. Sometimes she could humor her, having a brief if limited in scope idea of what her daughter was going through. How often she wanted to tell her that her world was not going to come crashing down because could not afford those name brand clothes or the newest trending hairstyle. But.. She had been young girl once, seemed Mr. Paddle and Miss. Brush would not be retired for quite some time.

"Keep rolling them honey, you might find some common sense back there." She said in a cool, calm tone of voice. And with that being said, she settled down into one of the beach chairs that sat scattered around the pool. "Now come over here hon. Remember the last time you where sunburned, You spent the whole weekend totally drained."

Susan quickly found herself humbled by her mothers quick rebuff. And so without another word being spoken she walked over to her mother. "Sorry," she quickly said as she sat down before her, exposing her bare back to her mother. Despite her protest she kind of liked the attention.

"Now Susan," Her mother said, choosing to employ her daughters full first name to get her attention. "I know your going through a certain stage in your life. You're not a little girl anymore, you're a young lady." Her mother started as she filled the palm of her hand up with coconut scented sunscreen. "I've noticed this because your starting to develop, like any young woman should.

The minute her mother said her full first name, she had her full undivided attention. A concerned look graced her face as her mother started to her little lecture.

"Now Susan, you're in a public place, so you must conduct yourself like a proper lady. Even though we're in kind of a causal place, you still must have that mind set that you are a young woman of class." Her mother said rubbing the soothing lotion upon her back.

"Yes ma'am." Susan said blushing deeply as drank in her mothers words. For once she did not roll her eyes or sigh when her mother tried to give her advice. She was quickly finding out that her mother was a cool person, and she kind of knew what she was talking about. She was starting to understand she should come to her with these questions about boys, clothes and 'Female Politics' or F.P as she had abbreviated it.

"Good, now remember a young woman follows the rules, and respects herself and others." She said smiling softy. "And young women also obey their mothers." She quickly added as she peered toward the noon sun sat in its halfway point in the cloudless, deep blue sky.

"Okay mommy." Susan said rising up from her sitting position. A little smile graced her face as she bent over and kissed her mother on the forehead. "Thank you for taking me swimming today mommy." Susan said in hopes of making her mother blush deeply.

Her mother did indeed blush as her daughter leaned in and placed a kiss upon her forehead. Giggling a little she reached over and gave her bikini covered bottom a playful smack. "Be good and have some fun okay?" She said smiling softy, then as an odd after thought she added. "And remember I love you!" With that being said, she reached down and pulled out a cheap dollar romance novel she picked up from one of the Dollar General Value stores they stopped at when they were passing through Yazoo City. The cover featured a shirtless cowboy, with a wide brim leather hat. His hair was a golden blonde and messy and his eyes were blue and cold as ice.

A little yelp escaped her throat as her bottom was gently swatted by her mother. Quickly she turned around and stuck out her tongue in a teasing fashion as she rubbed her bottom. The swat was only a mild one, but it stung all the same.

"I will mummy!" She called, "Don't daydream to much about cowboys okay?" And with that she ran toward the pool to find some playmates to whittle the time away with.

Her mother smirked a little as she turned to a mark page in her novel, daughters were allowed to tease their mothers about such things. Just as mothers were allowed to tease there daughters about their crushes on movie stars and the newest teen pop star. Though oddly enough her daughter seemed more concerned with voice actors and cartoon boys, something she called anime. Not that she minded, the girl worked herself to the bare bones around the house and at school. "I'm just glad I can give her some down time." she said making a note to make this a once a month ritual. After all, as her mother, she'll be her guide through the rocky storm of the coming teenage years.

Susan frowned a little bit as she saw her mother just sitting there in the strong afternoon sun. An hour in and the thrill of the pool was starting to lose its magic. There were some boys to play with but they where all college age. And they where 'guarded' by few girls around their age, cheerleaders maybe, because of their haughty stance and their reveling bikinis. The other collection was a group of children, or brats, because all they did was scream and run from the wading pool, dip their toes into the cool waters of the deep end, then let loose a hellish scream that could only be compared to a great demon awaking from its slumber, then like a scolded cat, run back to the little pool. The process then repeated itself.

"Hey mummy!" Called Susan as the swam toward the edge of the pool. No response came. Frowning more, she peered toward her mother, who it seemed had fallen asleep in the afternoon sun. Going by the smirk gracing her face, she could tell she was in the middle of some hot daydream. Possibly something with bare-chested cowboys and tight jean wearing cowgirls. Maybe she was the star of the daydream, filling the role of some rodeo princess being swept off her feet by some long haired, bull busting fellow.

Slowly an evil little grin formed upon her face as she peered toward her sleeping mother. Quickly, without a second thought being given, she splashed a good dose of cold water upon her mother. The minute the cold water touched her sun kissed skin, was the minute the older woman woke with a jerk and look of puzzlement. Quickly her eyes fell upon her daughter who was wearing a smirk a mile long upon her face.

"I'm warning you Susan." Her mother said, leveling her gaze at her daughter. "One more stunt like that and you'll find yourself being snatched out of that pool and drug by your ear to the bath house for a little correction." She said in a clear, warning tone of voice.

Susan turned toward her mother and gave her a little pout. "Come on mummy!" she said, rolling her eyes a little. "Quit daydreaming about some cute cowboy and come in, the water is fine and cool." she said turning her head slightly and giving her mother a half formed smirk.

Elizabeth blinked and blinked again as her pale pink eyes zoomed in on her daughter. "Susan.. If you keep pouting, I promise I'll give you something to pout about young lady." she responded in a firm tone of voice. "And that's not a threat, that is a promise." She quickly added to give a little weight to her words.

Now normally would have been enough to set Susan straight. Instead this only seemed to entice her to splash more water upon her mother. This playful splashing had not gone unnoticed. The life guard on duty, a college age woman with long raven hair had noticed the antics.

"Hey! you there!" Called the lifeguard on duty as she stood up and blew her whistle. "Girl with the pink eyes and brown hair, no splashing." she barked from atop of her watchtower. "Fifteen minutes out of the pool." she quickly added. And with that all the eyes turned to Sue, and suddenly Sue felt like one of those zoo animals on display. Blushing a little, she made her way toward the concrete steps, and with a humble look she removed herself from the pool. She was greeted by her mother who peering toward her with a look that would melt through a solid sheet of ice.

"SUSAN ELIZABETH BELL!" Elizabeth barked as she peered toward her daughter. "I TOLD YOU, YOUNG LADIES RESPECT THEMSELVES AND OTHERS! I THOUGHT YOU HAD OUTGROWN THAT STAGE, BUT IT SEEMS YOU'VE PROVED ME WRONG!" Her mother called out as she peered toward her daughter with a powerful frown upon the bow of her lip. Quickly she reached down and took her daughter by the hand. "FOLLOW ME YOUNG LADY!" She commanded as she marched her wayward daughter toward the bathhouse.

Elizabeth wasted no time in dragging her daughter toward the bathhouse. Once they where inside, her mother pulled her toward one of the old wooden bench's that lined the corridors of the bathhouse along with old vintage pink lockers.

Without a second thought, Elizabeth pulled her daughter toward one of the wooden bench's. Quickly she eased herself down upon the wooden bench. Once she was seated, she pulled her daughter across her lap, quickly locking her knees over her daughters'. A brief half second followed as Elizabeth searched around for wooden hairbrush from a tote somebody had laying around. Once the hairbrush was in her hand, she started the spanking in earnest.

Soon the backside of the wooden brush was kissing, Sue's round cheeks, with each passing second bringing more and more sting and burn into her round bottom cheeks. The seconds pile up on seconds and soon the little yep's could be heard coming from the tweens mouth.

"I'm telling you Susan!" The young women said smacking her daughters bottom, over and over again. Causing her pale bottom cheeks to bounce with each passing stroke. "You're getting too old to be a silly little girl!" The brush kept crashing into her bottom, the echo's of the wooden backside coming into contact with the still wet bottom filled the silent changing room.

The minute the wooden brush contacted with Susan's bottom, was the minute somebody lit a wooden flame under brain. Her whole world seemed to become a blur as tiny bubbles of pain filled her blood stream and caused her voice to climb. Soon hot stingy tears where forming at the edge of her eyes as the heat in her bottom grew and grew.

"One day young lady!" Her mother said, switching from her bottom to her sit spot. "One day your going to find yourself in some deep trouble! If you keep flaunting the rules like your doing right now." The wooden hairbrush kept falling and falling with each spoken word. Each well placed crack of the wooden brush drove the message deeper and deeper into Susan's mind.

Susan took a deep breath, before her mental defense's came crumbling down all around her. Tears where falling down all around her, spilling down her cheeks and forming rivers of salty tears. Her bottom was on fire it seemed.

"Your about to start at St. Katherine of Siena Anglican school." Her mother said easing off her assault. "There my dear, you will become a women and make connections that will last a life time. And as a daughter of a former head girl, you will be expected to carry on the family tradition" Another furry of brush strokes fell upon Susan's bottom.

Susan took a deep breath as she felt her bottom glow. One she released her held in breath, she lost it, everything came flooding out. In the course of just fifteen minutes, she had been reduced from prideful preteen to quivering child laying face down upon her mothers lap.

Elizabeth took a deep breath as she lifted her daughter up from her lap and placed her down in front of her. Without saying a word, the mother eased her daughter down and wrapped her arms around her. Quickly she pulled the crying girl toward her, moving her head between the mountains of her breast.

"I love you honey." Elizabeth said, smiling softy as she kissed her daughters forehead. A sure sign that everything was done and the recent trouble was put behind them.

The End.