Chapter 1

I just played with my hair twisting it into knots. I still can't believe our father is changing his name from Loya to Irongrass. Thus this empire was formed now he's still dealing with the boring bits. Passports, id's, and other random crud. It was a sleepy night. Names Malice Leaf the Shade aged nine and proud Irongrass spy. Now we Malice leaves are the youngest of the daughter's of the original Zachary. Our middle sisters are the rage leaves their the frontline and frontal assault troops. Then you have our eldest sisters the Shadow Leaves the mages and gifted minds.

I put on my creepy bunny mask covering the upper part of my face. Time to spy and make sure our fathers empire is safe. Others were following we would go different parts of the Irongrass Empire. As I was in a spy rest stop. While we have no official leader we usually work alone anyway. I decided to stop at one of the makeshift settlements known as Grassfaellen. It housed outlanders that's what we call non sisters. It was fairly big around five hundred and even had a palisade. Father built it as housing for council races to being trading and diplomacy with father new empire.

The settlement was busy. Merchants were selling their wares. Craftsman were busy cutting lumber and making Burdiorn (Green ore similar to Iron) tools and nails. I walked into the tavern. Called the Drunk Grass and Crow Tavern. It was busy I decided to sit down and just listen. It was all the same diplomats grumbling about our sisters the Shadow leaves shrewd diplomacy. Nothing special then a dwarf started talking to a generic dog looking human dream creation. I listened carefully. "Damn it John the weapon shipment was late again" the dwarf roared. The dog human looked down afraid to make eye contact with the dwarf. "I'm sorry why do we need weapons anyway the daughters do good protecting us" John said.

The dwarf just sighed. Then I heard attack and Grass Capital. John looked horrified saying he wanted no part of this. He was making a scene and would return to his tool shop. The dwarf said don't tell anybody. I moved to the dwarf. His demeanor changed to a cheerful tone. "Ah young malice leaf so cunning and intimidating in that mask".

"Stow it dwarf I know about the attack plot". Still he did not change his guise. Laughing saying us spies would come up with anything. Damn this is gonna be one tough mission. Being polite I bought the dwarf a stout ale. He waved goodbye laughing. I'll have the last laugh dwarf.