You could have sworn it was love.

Everything he did was something, a sign that he felt the same. You know it was all in your head. You know. But part of you didn't want to believe it, part of you grasped anything you could. You became frustrated. Three months and you'd gotton no where with him. You cried. You thought, "why did I ever waste my time". You told yourself you were over him. You believed it too. That night you didn't think about loving him, you thought about that great feeling you had - the feeling of being free of his beautiful spell. You saw him the next day. One smile and you were back in, starting the cycle all over again - back to over analyzing his movements, back to thinking of nothing but him. You even began to sense some of your friends distancing themselves, tired of him being all you speak of.

But then something changed. You began to notice the other boy in a different light. The one who you shared everything with. You began to think of him romantically - not that you had ever intended for him to find out. You even began to question your appeal to your crush - your long term crush, the one who you thought about at night. You began thinking you were only liking him for his looks and that really it was the other one, the best friend of yours who you really wanted.

The whole situation and the feelings were too much for you. You were distant from everyone, caught up your own thoughts all the time.

Nobody told you what you needed to hear. Everyone told you what you wanted. So I'm going to tell you what you need, not what you want.

Don't wait around for things to happen. You do it. You start something. Don't play games. Be forward. If they simply aren't interested, move on. But remember, that doesn't mean you have to cut them off or have any hard feelings.

When you really find someone you love, there won't be any games, there won't be any doubt.

Just wait for it, wait for the right person. It's so worth it.