AUTHOR'S NOTE: I need your help!

This story was original a Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries fanfiction story called "The Joy Delirious." After writing it for a while, I realized that I had a lot of original elements; perhaps even enough original elements to turn the story into an original piece, with characters of my own.

I DESPERATELY need your opinions on this story, and I particularly need answers to the following important question:

Does the story make sense on its own, as an original piece rather than a fanfiction?

Now, as I've still in the process of adapting the thing, and it's not really formally fixed for publication yet, it is very possible that you will find the names "Jack" and "Phryne" floating around in there. If you do, I am terribly sorry and they will be edited out before final release.

Help me, beloved reading community! You're my only hope!

As Always,