I got a picture of you smiling

And it made me start thinking

Back to that day on the beach

When you were wearing a peach

Colored bikini and looked so stunning.

That very image of your beauty in my mind

Is making writing this type of letter kind

Of hard to do but I have to do it anyway

Because you are still so far away

And in lieu of the fact that this is unkind.

You see, I was with my mom and dad

At the mall and they saw how sad

This long distance relationship of ours is

Making me and invited this new girl Kris

Walker for lunch which made me so glad.

And we had so much fun together before

I got down on one knee and done the chore

Of asking her to be my bride and she

Started crying tears of joy and said to me

The word 'yes' which pleased me to the core.

What I am trying to say is that I do not wish

To waste my life and start smelling like a fish

Waiting for you to come home and start a new

Life with me because that dream just flew

Away to some other couple who is Thirtyish.

In short, I am going to marry Kris Walker and

I hope that you would be able to understand.