She nearly falls asleep at work. They laugh saying she's crashing from the sugar highs. She doesn't tell them she has to have the sugar to keep going She hasn't had more than four hours of sleep at a time in days. She doesn't have nightmares but she can't stand sleeping because of the dreams. They think she has a reading addiction. She takes cat naps during the day, but even then she still dreams. She tries to scream out for help, except she doesn't actually ask. She even tells them she's a sociopath. They think its just another one of her jokes. She's made too many jokes because it's the only way she could keep going without crying. She doesn't think they're going to realize until she breaks. She really hopes she doesn't kill someone when that happens but she doesn't think she'll mind if she takes someone's eyes out. Gouging them out with a spoon would be fun. She wants to sleep but her dreams are too beautiful and no one needs to know she flinches from blood because she wants to see more and if she does there will be no turning back so she flinches and pretends to be close to vomiting. She's always been good at make believe.