Jessica tried to think of what she could do to try and defeat Omega not only to save her own life but of her family and avenge her fallen agents. As far as she knew both Agents Rogers and Daniels were dead but right now she didn't have time to mourn their losses. Her entire concentration went on Omega who just calmly brushed off what had been a somewhat devastating attack.

Before she could mount another attack Omega simply lifted his hand up again and fired another energy beam at her. It was aimed right at her face and she was able to move just in time but part of the beam did scrap past her right cheek. Almost instantly she felt a burning sensation and she brought her hand up to the affected area. It was a type of pain that she had never felt before and if she could see her own face she would be able to see the burn mark left behind.

"Your size is to your disadvantage," said Omega. "In your previous battles you have relied on it to earn your victories. This time however all your size does is make you a bigger target. I am on the other hand am using my lack of size to my advantage much to your annoyance. I had expected a decent fight out of you but it seems that people give you more praise than you deserve."

"You're a monster and all monsters are good for is to be destroyed," replied Jessica as she slowly began to step back. Right now she just wanted to create some space between herself and Omega so that she could have some time to think. She did feel something knock the back of her foot and as she looked behind herself she could see some flying cars that had crashed after their occupants suddenly vanished. "And I promise you that I will be your destroyer!" These words were filled with much anger.

At an almost impossible speed for someone of Jessica's size she crouched down and began to throw the cars at Omega. She threw them so fast that Omega didn't have enough time to react as it felt itself get struck by several cars. In a matter of seconds it found itself buried under a pile of cars but it simply pushed them all off and got back to its feet. It had expected to see Jessica right where it had last seen her and was somewhat surprised to see that she had gone. Her attack had been nothing more than a distraction and it allowed her to get as far away as she could. Unfortunately with her broken toe running away was very difficult and the wound on her shoulder had made her attack painful for her to execute.

To Omega this was only a minor setback as it began to float in the air. It had attached some small cameras on the buildings so that it would be able to see all of the action but when Agent Rogers had shut the machines down via their network the cameras had shut down as well. Even with this slight handicap Omega was still confident that it would find Jessica quickly. A one hundred and fifty foot giantess would be easy to find, even amongst such large buildings as these.

Jessica was hiding behind one particular building which wasn't too far from where the battle had taken place. She was trying to nurse her injuries but she still couldn't heal as fast as she liked. It would take a couple of days for her wounds to completely heal and that was time she simply didn't have. She doubted that she wouldn't even survive the next couple of minutes unless she thought of a plan.

"Come on Jess," said Jessica quietly to herself. "You've got the biggest brain on Home and it's about darn time you started using it." She paused for a moment as she tried to think. "That thing must have some kind of weakness. I just need to find it and exploit it before that thing kills me."

Quickly Jessica began to think and she had to consider everything that she knew already. At this moment she thought that Omega might very well be unbeatable and with her growing list of injuries it made her think that her chances of survival were becoming more and more remote with each passing moment.

Suddenly Jessica did remember something that was of importance. Tironium although incredibly durable, nigh indestructible it was also a terrible conductor of electricity. This meant that although Omega's armour was made of Tironium its circuitry couldn't be since it would mean that it wouldn't be able to function. To Jessica it meant that whatever Omega's circuitry was made out of was something that was destructible. If she could somehow rip a way through the armour and into the circuitry she could do some serious damage, maybe even disable Omega entirely.

Before Jessica could think of a way to use her idea she heard a familiar sound before an energy beam came through the building and she quickly ducked down before it struck her. It was powerful enough to slice the entire building in half and it would have caused her serious damage if it had struck true. Slowly the upper half of the building slid down the cut and fell to the ground create an almost noise along with a large cloud of dust.

Omega calmly flew over what was left of the building and it expected to see Jessica there but under the cover of the dust she had one again gone back to hiding. It seemed to be one giant game of cat and mouse but the expected scales were reversed. For Omega this was nothing more than a minor inconvenience. It wouldn't take it long to find Jessica and exterminate her as its primary programming dictated.

Jessica was hiding behind another nearby building but at that moment she did have another problem. Unfortunately she had breathed in some of the dust and really needed to cough but she knew that if she did it would give up her location. Her lungs felt that they were on the verge of exploding. It was taking all of her willpower not to cough but the need was becoming too much to bear.

"Please Agent Snape this below even you," said Omega as it looked around to try and find her. "You're only making your extermination that much more difficult for yourself. Give yourself up and your end will come quickly and clean. "Continue this way and I will have to cut you down limb by limb until you stop running. Either way you will die and I will finish my father's last orders before my time will come."

As Jessica peeped out of her hiding place she saw that she was just behind Omega and it was looking the other way. She took the opportunity presented to her and quickly slammed her hand against him and pressed him against the nearby building. She also took a quick moment to cough as she had been wanting to do for some time before grabbing Omega and trying to rip off its armour.

One problem that Jessica had was that her fingers were too big to get into the little gaps between the armour plates. This would have been something that she would have been able to do if she were normal size but at her current size it was almost impossible. Unfortunately she saw Omega's head turn one hundred and eighty degrees and it looked directly at her which did make her heart sink.

Suddenly a small energy beam shot out of the slot that was Omega's mouth and struck Jessica square in her temple. Instead of having a one-time impact like most weapons this one felt more like it was a laser cutter which was trying to cut through her flesh and skull to reach into her brain. The pain that she felt was intense and she had to act quickly before Omega lobotomised her.

Jessica had no choice but to throw Omega down to the ground and for the moment it did stop the energy beam. Without much thought she began to stomp down on Omega repeatedly. Each stomp created what seemed to be a shockwave that could be felt all around. Her foot came down with a force that was almost like a meteor impact and each time this happened Omega went to get up again only to be met with Jessica's oversized feet.

This continued on for several moments and after more than a dozen stomps Jessica finally took a step back so that she could take a breath. She had never stomped anything like that before but she doubted that it would have been enough to finish Omega after everything she had seen recently.

Omega indeed was not defeated by this attack but something else had happened which caused it some astonishment. Its systems were reporting that the integrity of its armour had actually been compromised. Beyond its logic and programming it saw that its own armour had actually been damaged along with some of its frame. It thought that it was impossible for anyone to damage Tironium but it seemed that it was facing it was facing against the first person to achieve this feat.

Almost instantly some of Omega's safety protocols began to take effect. In terms of a biological being it was the same as being in panic and from the hole that Omega was lying in it shot another energy beam. This one was much bigger however and was more than enough to bathe Jessica entirely as she looked down at it.

A split second beforehand Jessica saw the beam coming and lifted her arms to her face in a way of shielding herself from it. The next thing she felt she was in a lot of pain all over her body but she didn't see Omega flying out of the whole as it continued to fire. It thought that the blast was more than enough destroy her. For now it had been playing with kid's gloves but not anymore. It was going in for the kill before moving onto Tucker and eventually Dawn.

After a few moments the beam subsided and Omega floated there waiting to see the results. It expected Jessica to be vaporised or at the least on the ground as a burnt corpse. Much to its surprise she was still standing and her body had more or less endured the attack. The same was not said for her uniform that was shredded almost completely showing most of her body. Omega could see all of her muscles and her entire frame. If it could have been impressed it certainly would have been now. The area of the beam around Jessica had been completely devastated besides that which was directly behind her.

Since Jessica's arms had been covering her face it had mostly gone undamaged but she could still fell the burning all over her body. Smoke was emitting from her body but she was still angry and was extremely angry.

"You owe me a new uniform!" stated Jessica with much rage in her voice but this was not the reason for her anger. Before Omega could reach Jessica's huge fist came crashing into it again and down into the ground. "That's for destroying my uniform." The hit had further damaged Omega's armour and it was trying to calculate the appropriate counterattack but before it had the chance it felt Jessica pick it up again. She grabbed onto its arm and with all her strength was able to pull it off despite the fact that it was made out of a near indestructible metal. "That's for killing my friends!" At this point Jessica had lost the sense of self-reservation and was fixated on destroying Omega. With the hole created by the lost arm Jessica began to rip away at the armour's plates and throw them down to one side. "This is for threatening my husband." With some difficulty she was able to reach down to the vital circuits that helped maintain Omega and she began to rip them out before throwing it down to the ground. "And that's for threatening to kill my Sweetie!"

With that Jessica threw Omega into the ground again and then stomped on it one more time and she breathed deeply as she finally finished venting her frustration. She hadn't even noticed that she was practically naked save for a few shreds of what was left of her uniform. She just looked down at the crater where Omega lay. It was in a mangled wreck and she knew that there was no chance of it getting back up.

Omega's systems also picked up all the different areas of damage all along its body. The fact that it was missing an arm was not lost on it and the chances of victory had fallen more dramatically than it found comfortable. Traditional victory was completely out of the question and Omega wouldn't be getting out of there under its own power. By its programming it only had one option left to achieve its programming. As long as Jessica died it meant Omega won.

The very core of Omega was primed to self-destruct with a force that was equivalent to a nuclear explosion but without the fall out. It would mean that everything within the force fields would be destroyed. Omega calculated that the force of the blast would be more than enough to kill Jessica and already it was making the necessary preparations. It would have preferred to have survived the battle but as long as Jessica was dead it would consider the battle an outright victory for its creator.

Jessica began to notice that something was off when Omega moved slightly but didn't speak at all. She could hear an electrical buzzing sound that caused her some concern. It was not until she saw the chest area of Omega glowing that she really knew that something very bad was about to happen.

The first thing she tried to do was try and pick it up to throw it away but when she went to touch Omega she felt the intense pain run through her body. It caused her to take her hand away quickly and she knew that she didn't have much time before Omega exploded. She had no idea just how big the explosion was going to be but either way she didn't want to get caught in the explosion.

Unfortunately Jessica didn't have time to think of anything else before Omega's core exploded with a brightness that could only be compared to that of a burning sun and a boom that could be heard for well over a hundred miles. The blast itself was a bright orange colour and almost everything in its path was destroyed. It shot out of every direction but thankfully for those in the city the force fields that Omega had created to keep Jessica in prevented the blast from spreading.

Despite popular belief Jarvis had not been a complete monster and not wanted Omega to kill innocent people. For this reason Omega had not simply killed the people in the area which it wanted to battle Jessica and simply moved them. The force field was strong enough to contain the blast thus allowing everyone else to live. Instead the blast simply moved up in what seemed to be a thin column and it was so bright that it could even be seen from outer space.

Jessica was completely caught in the blast radius and it seemed that she was completely lost in light of the blast. Her sense of pain only lasted for a few brief moments before her skin burned off along with her nerves. The last thought she had before the blast was that of her family before everything went black.

That night all that was left of the city area in the blast radius. The force field had been able to protect everywhere else but the blast had caused it to deactivate allowing the emergency services to finally enter. They began to scour over the area but there was nothing left. Every building had been reduced to nothingness and it seemed that anything living would have met a similar fate.

The citizens that had been in this area shortly before the battle were still missing and the authorities feared that they were dead. The agents who also reported to the situation were missing and feared to be dead. Already Park Incorporated were preparing to tell the families of the agents about the bad news.

During the search for survivors phase a pair of rescuers were close to where the explosion had originated. They didn't have to worry about radiation since the explosion didn't leave any of that behind. Instead they just had to be careful with where they stepped since the ground below was somewhat weak. One of the rescuers was a tall man with red hair while the other was over average height with fair hair. They had worked together for some time and today would be one that they wanted to remember.

"I wonder what could have caused such an explosion?" asked the taller rescuer as he looked around and surveyed the damage. It was odd for him to be standing in a place that had once held buildings that reached up into the sky was now nothing but a baron wasteland in the middle of a city.

"Not sure," replied the other rescuer. "Everything went dark here before the explosion took place. I feel sorry for the suckers caught in the blast radius. Poor bastards didn't stand that much of a chance."

"You're telling me. Everything here is destroyed, I seriously doubt we're going to find anything making this search pretty pointless."

"But you know the drill, no matter how total a disaster is we have to look for survivors before we can even consider rebuilding." He walked a few more steps before he noticed something on the ground. He took a closer look at it and it seemed to be a body but it had been badly burned beyond recognition. The flesh was completely black but the teeth seemed to still be light. "Wow would you look at that, we've actually found the first body since we've come here." This was a surprise for him since he expected to see many bodies littered all over the place.

"No chance of him being alive." He had spotted the body around the same time as his partner and it wasn't until they took a closer look that they saw just how big the body actually was. It was over eight feet tall and there was only one person on Home who fit the bill. "Well blow me down, I think this might be the body of Agent Snape."

"Wait what, that's Agent Snape?" Most men were familiar with the fact that when she wasn't awake that she would shrink down to a more manageable size. "I heard rumours that she was supposed to be invincible. I guess she was just as mortal as the rest of us." He took a small device from his pocket and went to place it near his lips. "I'm going to call this in and have the body taken to a nearby morgue." As he went to communicate with an unseen person the other rescuer took a closer look at the body. He could smell the burned flesh and it made him feel a little sick but there was something that he noticed. It seemed that the body was actually breathing. Quickly he picked up one of the charred arms and checked the wrist, much to his surprise he could feel a pulse. It was extremely weak but it was definitely there. He looked up to his partner in surprise. "Zack she's still alive!"

"Wait what?" replied Zack who was also greatly surprise to learn that Jessica was still alive. He had just been requesting that a suitable team came to remove the body but the fact that she was still alive completely changed that.

"I'm sure of it. She is still breathing and she has a pulse."

"Cancel that last request." Zack had brought the device back up to his lips. "We have discovered the Agent Snape and she's still alive but badly injured. We need her evacuated to the appropriate medical facility."

In almost no time at all another team arrived that included a couple of medical professionals and a couple of agents. Within minutes of receiving the report Jessica was air lifted out of the blast zone and taken back to headquarters. The devices that were monitoring her showed that she was indeed alive but her heart could give out at any moment.

As soon as Jessica arrived at Park Incorporated she was placed in a pod that was filled with a special compound that helped with the healing process. It had been used numerous times in extreme cases where someone was on the brink of death. No one would have thought that Jessica would have needed it and even that she would be in this bad of condition. A breathing apparatus was placed over her nose and mouth so that she could breathe and a steady flow of sedatives were added. This was just so she didn't wake up and grow until she burst out of the pod.

Doctor Summers was the main doctor assigned to look after her and when his instruments went over her injuries he thought that it was an absolute miracle that she hadn't died already. In fact if he didn't see it himself he would have thought that it was impossible, her body was always surprising him. This was the most that she had ever endured and if not for her size and strength increase a few years prior she would have been killed. It was even somewhat pure luck that she had survived this time. One thing was for certain that it would take weeks, maybe even months for Jessica to recover.

Agents Daniels and Rogers were found a short time later along with everyone else who had been in the shielded area. They had been located in a wasteland some distance from the city but although many of them had been shocked to have been in the city at one moment and then teleported to this wasteland the next. Some had even began to panic somewhat but the two agents were able to keep the crowd calm until transports came to take them back to the city and to their families if need be. Unfortunately many of them had become homeless so they were sheltered in some government buildings all across the city.

The full story of what had taken place was unknown to the public. Park Incorporated had not debriefed Agents Daniels or Rogers so the cause of the explosion and the force fields were yet unknown. All attempts to survey what had been taking place during the crisis had been unsuccessful. It was almost unlike anything that the company had seen before, they couldn't help but feel a little nervous about this.

Park Incorporated were having some difficulties coping with the situation at hand. They had an entire city area that was completely wiped out and one of their top agents was going to be out for what was likely to be several months. People were demanding to know exactly what had gone on and although Park Incorporated would tell the truth or in some cases half-truths this time they were completely without answers.

Tucker was allowed to visit Jessica as she recovered but he was horrified to see the condition that his wife was in. To him she looked nothing like the woman he had married, she seemed to be completely burned over. He had already decided that it was best that Dawn not see her in this condition. It would upset Dawn greatly and it might even scare her a little. He would have to tell her little white lies to prevent her from crying. There was one thing however and that was that Dawn missed her mother but she didn't know that she wouldn't be able to see her for some months.

In respect for the couple the doctors monitoring Jessica left the room for a few minutes so that they could have some alone time. Tucker crouched down at the tank which was in a horizontal position. He could see what remained of his wife and if he hadn't of heard it he would have thought that she was beyond the point of no return. He had been told that the healing properties of the capsule along with her own healing abilities would mean she would eventually make a full recovery.

"Hey there Jess," said Tucker. He knew full well that Jessica wouldn't be responding but he still carried on regardless. "I don't know exactly what happened to you but I just can't wait for you to come back home. Dawn misses you a lot and she even drew you another picture." He tried to smile as he fought back the tears. "She's as loving and caring as you, I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I know that there isn't much information about what happened but I'd like to think that you saved a lot of people. You do that often anyway but this time seems different, you've never been in this mad of a mess before." What was most upsetting for him was the fact that there was no response from Jessica at all. She just floated there with her eyes closed. "Please come back to me Jessica, you're the only woman for me, you're my soulmate." At that moment he felt a hand on his shoulder. Quickly he turned around and saw Doctor Summers. He also had a somewhat sad look upon his face but he took comfort in the knowledge that Jessica would recover. Unfortunately he needed Tucker to leave.

"I'm sorry Mr Martel but you have to leave now," replied Doctor Summers. He did show sympathy in his voice.

"Y-Yeah sure, but before I go there is still something I need to do." He bent down and kissed the part of the capsule which was closed to Jessica's lips. He did shed a tear before leaving with some reluctance. He didn't want to leave her but he accepted that Jessica needed to be looked after and he would only get in the way. As he left he didn't see Jessica's hand twitch a little and underneath her breathing mask she was subconsciously able to break a small smile.

Some distance away at the blast sight the site had already been scoured for survivors. Jessica was the only one who was rescued but it was expected that no one else would be pulled out. Since the people who had been in the blast zone was teleported away it was not surprising or uncomfortable that there wasn't any more survivors. Instead the work was just to clear up any remaining debris so that the rebuilding process could continue.

One such worker was just helping to remove the debris when something metallic hit his foot. The worker looked down and saw what seemed to be something that was partially buried. Quickly he crouched down and dug it up. Much to his surprise it seemed to be a ball but when inspected it the ball turned out to be a head. Initially he was disgusted but he noticed that it was metallic and not organic. This did bring him a small amount of relief and as he looked into the face of head he didn't realise that he had just found the severed head of Omega who was responsible for this destruction.

The worker thought that the head looked cool and decided to place it in a small sack that he was carrying. He thought that it was something to show to his friends afterwards and the workers were allowed to take scrap metal if they wanted. What he didn't see when he placed it in his bag was that Omega's eyes glowed.