Dr. Careman was sure that they wouldn't leave the park without me. He had explained to me that they probably still had the stone, maybe in one of Lily's mum's pieces of jewelry. What magic was like, he said, he was not entirely sure of other than you had to click your fingers and say something. I had been lost for so many generations that now one knew anymore.

The second time I met Dr. Careman, I asked him how he had gotten access to our watches.

'Well, I just sent Miss Soils over.'

'Who's Miss Soils?'

'Why don't you call for her,' he said to the guard.

She entered the room a minute later. She had dirty blonde hair and grey eyes that seemed to pierce your soul if you looked into them. She didn't look much older than eighteen. Two sheaths hung by her belt, and two bronze handles stuck out the top.

'Hey.' She smiled. 'Alexis, right? I'm Caine.'

I jumped, taken aback by how friendly she was. 'Hi.'

'What are you doing with her?' This question was directed at Dr. Careman.

'She's the bait.'

'Oh…' Caine nodded. 'Do you need me to do anything?'

'Track her friends, you know, the troublesome trio. Lily, Sky and Samantha.'

'Sure, boss.' Caine disappeared behind the door