He knows I like it rough. Some nights we play it slow and sweet but tonight he let me have it my way. I had been waiting for this all day and I needed him now.

His love had me weak to my knees and I was not ready for it to end. I could be at it for hours and still not be tired.

As I rode him like a cowgirl, his riffle poking that certain spot perfectly with every grind. Each curl and breast bounced up playing a little show for his eyes only. His fingernails dug into my ass hanging on for dear life as if he would lose me if he let go, as if I would go anywhere and leave this feeling. The only light that came in was from the moon and it placed across our chests, illuminating his beautiful face looking up at me. I loved the way his face peered up at me when he eats the treasure between my legs, pushing me to the limit, letting me come down his throat. I loved the way he does it with his tongue. I love the way his spindly fingers played with my nether regions as he eats it. Finger fuck it, lick it, eat it like a peach, repeat; pussy for breakfast. That's right, I tell him how I like it and he does all he can to make sure I get what I want. I loved it when he played submissive to me, but I didn't mind being on the other side of things.

New position. I get self conscious about my hair flaying all about and my thick thighs but none of that matters when I'm on my back. Nothing mattered; it was just us, no bra, no shirt, no panties, just skin. I could have laid like that forever, with him towering over me, I was at his mercy and I did not mind it in the slightest. My knees were on my chest and they continued hitting me in the chin with each and every thrust.

"Fuck me harder."

"You. Feel. So. Fucking. Good." He growled, pounding into me with every syllable, allowing curt gasps to escape my mouth with every strike. My arms reached above my head to the pillows and I clinged on with desperate fingers as the pain began to creep in my stomach. I liked the way it felt. The pain was a reminder that he was there and I have always thought that if I can't walk afterwards he did it right. Some nights he left bruises on the inside of my thighs, but I didn't mind it.

Wrapping my legs around his torso, he thrusts got deeper. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I couldn't suppress the sounds leaving my mouth. I lifted my hips to meet him halfway, rolling them upward and to him. The grind against my clit had my legs twitching, nearly kicking off the leftover Moscatto from earlier that led to all this. I have always been a horny drunk and I couldn't help it. It was nice when there was someone to take care of my needs, and it helped that it was the one that I wanted.

"Oh, god. Oh, god." I hung my head while he continued his rythmic pounding "Oh...god..."

He was coming through. Each jerk had me closer to orgasm and I lurched forward closer to him. Oh, how I wanted to run my fingers through his hair, to rake my finger down his back and leave my mark.

I was so wet I could have drowned him if I wanted to. As his cock swam in me I allowed him to explore with his hands, each grasping a breast and kneading with his thumbs. The combination of this and him inside me had me shaking, our bodies crashing together with a dull 'thud'. The pace caused short pants from the both of us.

It wasn't worth it to pretend I didn't like it. There ain't no shame in this game, that either of us could win. I knew I was about to score and he had the same idea. His thrusts sped up to the beat of the music and I knew he was about to come. We both let out a series of moans as we collided into our orgasms.

Laying side by side, I rolled over into his arms. His cum was drying on my thighs and I laid in the wet spot on the bed. I looked up toward his face and fluttered my eyelashes at him, maybe trying a little too hard to look cute for him when I really did not have to try at all. It was just us. No panties, no bra, no shirt, all it was was just skin.

We laid, skin to skin, sweat to sweat, body to body, and heart to beating heart, reveling in the fact that we made beautiful and intrinsic love. We stayed that way until the crack of dawn when he had to go to work, leaving me to my lonesome.

I put the vibrator back into the drawer and let out a sigh. It went like this every time, my fantasies and me, just us, no skin to skin. Just me.

I rolled over and muttered,

"I hope you think of me when you fuck her."