The ghost train of Somerset

The Fifth Somerset Adventure

By Susan Waterflower Bell

A midsummer heat wave was inflicting pain and suffering on the people of Somerset. Things where so bad, the local sawmill was forced to close its doors in the noon hours, and all the papers encouraged the people to drink more water, to seek a doctor if they where feeling faint and to avoid the sun between noon and five 'o clock, when the heat was at its strongest.

Many of the merchants cursed the heat wave, since the heat kept many of the people away from there sales room floor, thus cutting a noticeable hole into there sales. A few, chiefly the ice Merchant and the owner of the local ice cream parlor welcomed the heat wave with open arms, there sales shot through the roof.

Indeed many people where choosing to spend there evening in the cool of the ice cream parlor, including two young girls. Rachel and Sunflower, both where enjoying what remained of there Summer Holidays.

"You know.. I'm hearing more and more rumors of a ghost train being spotted in the rail yard down town. My older brother who works as a night watchmen came home last night, swearing up and down he saw the fable train." Rachel said as she reached down and taking a sip from her milkshake.

"I think you've been reading to many of those R.L Stine stories." Said Sunflower smirking as she took a nice long sip from her own milkshake. "I mean don't get me wrong, I'm really digging his Fear Street Sage.. I just like the Hobbit more." She said leaning back with a sign.

"Point." Rachel said taking a deep breath. "But come on sun, it's the middle of summer, Dies Caniculares is upon us, the days are long and hot, the nights short and humid. This is perfect ghost hunting weather." She said signing as she took another deep sip from her nice cold shake, the smooth chocolate seemed the only respite from the oppressing heat.

Sunflower blinked and titled her head to the side, "Daies Caniculares? And I thought the rectors daughter should be attending Evening Prayer and not chasing ghost." Sunflower said winking a little as she took another sip from her shake.

"Latin for 'Dog days of Summer' and… point.." Rachel said with a sigh as she settled down in her chair. They where even now. Sunflower had scored a point and she had also scored a point.

"Though… I guess maybe I could sneak out of the house this evening. Mum and dad are going to see a picture show, and well.. Maybe would could meet up at the main-street school. I can catch the tram at 'Grand Halt' and ride the rails to the school." Said Sunflower at last.

"Sounds like a plan, I'm no more than five minutes walk from my house to the school. Moms down with the heat and dads working on this coming Sundays sermon." Rachel said with hint of a sign.

"Another lector on Angelical encounters through out history?" Said Sunflower titling her head to the side again. Truth be told, Rachel slept through most of the sermons and readings. Maybe that was the reason Mrs. Holly had taken her out of the weekly rotation of acolytes.

"I'm afraid, it might be about two naughty little girls who where caught sneaking into the train yard, hopping to catch a brief glimpse at the 'Devils Express' by the pale light of the moon. You know the whole 'Honor thy mother and Father'." Rachel with shake of the head.

"You know.. You kind of take the fun out of a lot of things with that sense of humor of yours… beside where not going to get caught. Who would think to search a old abounded station for two teens. And beside, its not like where vandalizing anything." Responded Sunflower.

"Bite me." Rachel smirking a little as she stood up and headed toward the door. Once she had pushed the door open, she turned around and stuck out her tongue and gave her friend a teasing look.

"Brat!" Bellowed Sunflower quickly turning a deep crimson shade of red as she reached down and collected her paper cut. Before she could catch herself she was rushing toward Rachel.

"And proud of it." She said reaching down to smack her friends bottom once she passed her. A few patrons, including one of the local couples looked up from there meal and there frozen treats and titled there head to the size as the observed the antics of the two.

"Hush!" Sunflower said, a sudden blush came across her cheeks as she felt her friend smack her bottom, sending a crashing wave of sting through the thin fabric of her sun dress. Quickly she turned upon her heel and delivered a counter smack, with a broad smirk she landed a good solid hit upon her friends bottom, sending a devastating smack right into her rear though the equally thin fabric of her skirt.

Both girls then fell into a fit of wild giggles and teasing remarks. There little teasing war lasted till they reached the parting of the road.

"So see you at five?" Asked Sunflower turning toward her friend with a look that was both hopeful and teasing gaze.

"See you at five sis." Said Rachel, turning upon her heel to wave her goodbye before vanishing into the shadow cast by the setting sun.

For a minute, Sunflower stood there lost both in words and in mind. A chill was running down her spine, a spine tingling feeling to be more precise. Something deep within her heart was telling her, she was in the process of embarking upon a grand adventure, one fraught with dangers. Still a little adventure never hurt anyone, what was the worst that could come from sneaking into the rail yard, beside a fright from the appearance of the ghost train, if said phantom proved to be real.

The hours of the day started to slowly tick away, Sunflower busied herself doing some odd and end chores around the house, her mother raised a queer eyebrow at her daughter as she rushed around the house, sponging down the walls, scrubbing the floorboards, and going beyond the call of duty by dust mopping before and after mopping the floor.

"Your doing a wonderful job honey." Her mother said inspecting her daughters handy work. "If you keep this up, you might just justify the five shilling raise in pay." She said smiling as she ran her finger upon the surface of the dinning room table. Her smile only grew as she peered toward the tip of her finger, not a speck of dust could be seen. Seemed the guides where really teaching her daughter how to clean.

"Thank you mom." Sunflower said taking a deep breath as she stood up and smiled. Sunflower felt a since of pride as her mother praised her efforts. Indeed much to her surprise she did find a extra five shilling in her last weeks pay. Five shilling was a pretty good bit of money.

"You know, you could make a good bit of pocket money if you started to clean houses. Its hard work and it builds character." Her mother said smiling softy as she reached over and ruffled her daughters long blonde locks of hair.

"But mom.. I thought doing housework was 'A job not befitting are social class and statues as women of one of the leading families.' and all that good jazz." Sunflower said throwing a dusting rag into her bucket. Most of the leading families in the parish had a maid and a cook. They had a cook, but the house cleaning seemed to be divided between her and her mother.

"Learning to balance a bank account of only a dozen or so pound sterling is no different than balancing a bank account of a thousand or more." She said with a smile as she reached down and picked up the bucket. "And he who does not learn the value of money is doom to become a slave to it, indeed money becomes your master."

"Come again?" Sunflower said taking a deep breath as she titled her head to the side as she reached up and losing the band on her ponytail.

"Man invited money, and money became mans slave." She said with a little smile. As she reached over and patted her little girl on the shoulder. "Learning the value of a shilling, will help you tame the power of money and will serve you well when you're the head accounted of a household of your own one day." She said with a wink.

"Wait what?!" Said Sunflower taking a deep breath and stepping back from her mother, a deep blush colored her cheeks and her cunning nature seemed to fail her as her mother laid the teasing on nice and thick.

"When you married, you will be expected to balance and monitor the family ledger, one day you might have a daughter of your own coming to you, asking for a extra shilling or two. Then you'll have to see if you could grant the young ones request, while making the books balance, and if so you'll have to draw up a list of fresh chores for your little one." Isabella said with a small smile as she reached down and patted her daughter on the head.

Sunflower just stood there and blushed and whispered something very nonsensical, her mother though for her credit just smiled and kissed her daughter upon her widows peek. Then without saying a word she reached up for her shawl and quickly she wrapped around her neck. Then without a word being spoken, she vanished into the evening.

"Bloody hell.." Sunflower said shaking her head in hopes of removing the blush, "I'm only fourteen, and the bloody women is already trying to marry me off." Sunflower said taking a deep breath as she reached over and quickly taking her house key from the key rack.

Quickly she locked up the house and skipped down the brick paved walkway to the cobblestone paved sidewalk. Smiling to herself she skipped down the sidewalk, the late evening sun was castling long shadows upon the streets and the gas powered streetlamps where starting to glow a brilliant white yellowish hue. It took only around five minutes for her to reach the halt, and after a minute or two of waiting, the ringing of the trams bell could be heard as he snaked the tracks bedded deep within the bricks that paved the road.

The tram came to a stop in front of her, smiling she greeted the driver and dropped a three pence into the fee box. Once she was seated the old street car once more roared to life as it started to rattle down the rails. Taking a deep breath she pressed her face to the glass windowpane and with eager eyes she observed the passing landscape.

As the streetcar wounded rocked back and forth and took a sharp right turn around the east side of the goose egg park, blushing a little Sunflower felt herself gently being thrown into the window, before the carriage slowed down. It was then only five more minutes of enduring the rocking before the tram came to a halt, this time she did the proper thing and pulled down upon the cord that ran the breath of the car. A loud dinging sound filled the space and the old driver quickly threw on the brakes.

Without a word of mirth or wormwood passing her lips she stood up and walked toward front, in the span of a breath she found herself touching down upon the pavement of the road. Collecting her thoughts she sprinted across the roadway till she reached the safety of the walkway. Pausing she looked up and crossed herself.

"About time you showed up, thought you might have chickened out on me or something sis," Came a voice from behind her.

"Sorry mom sprung a last minute heart to heart on me." She said turning around only to be greeted with the smiling face of her sister or maybe for a better usage of words, her sister from another mother.

"I know that feeling, mum still down with the heat, though she wants us to do something before the weeks out, she kind of looking forward to you coming over next weekend. She been going through old photo booklets, man.. Are folks where dork when they where are age." Said Rachel smirking a little as she reached down and took Sunflower by the hand.

Sunflower blushed as she looked down at Rachel. Quickly her eyes traveled down to the pastel pink satchel resting easily upon Rachel's hip. Taking a deep breath she looked up and gave her friend a puzzling look.

"Mind telling me what you have in there sis?" She said pointing toward the satchel.

"Oh nothing more than a flashlight and camera, and some snacks too in case we get hungry and a bottle of mineral water too. Really Sun, your in the same troop as I and you've brought nothing save the clothing upon her back?" Said Rachel with a shake of her head.

"I thought we where sneaking into the abounded station house, not going on some backwoods adventure in the brush." Sunflower said, blushing a little under the scolding her friend was piling up on her head.

"You never know Sun, but enough chatting we make tracks," Rachel said as she let go of Sunflowers hand and turned upon her heel. A half of a span later she was quickly making tracks toward the train yard.

"Hold up!" Cried Sunflower as she dashed to catch up with her friend. After a good minute or two she finally managed to catch up with Rachel, taking a deep breath she reached over and took the girl by her arm.

"You know, you could give a girl a little warning." She said taking deep breaths, the brow of her head was now dotted with tiny sweat drops and her light cotton blouse was now clinging to her form. Throwing her head back she signed as she peered toward the bright orange ball slowly sinking behind a cluster of nearby hills. Between breaths she prayed for a sudden gust of evening wind to fresh the air.

"Sorry." Rachel said as she turned her face from Sunflowers gaze, "But hey you know me, when adventure comes knocking I'm the first one to answer the call." She said in a proud tone of voice as she poked out chest and tossed her head back.

"Maybe that the reason your mother made you that paddle?" Sunflower said smirking a little as she peered toward her friend.

"Okay point.." Rachel said, before flushing a bright crimson red.

Sunflower and Rachel walked for a good mile and half, both lost in there own little worlds. Rachel mind was wrapped around trying snatch a photo of the phantom train, and send said photo off to 'Weird Magazine' a weekly publication her older brother loved to read. The tabloid was well known for its well written and researched articles on the regions supernatural stories, and best of all it paid its readership for photos and stories sent in to be published. A genie pictograph of a phantom locomotive pulling a dozen or so carriages was bound to fetch the bounty of fifteen quid.

Sunflower on the other hand was thinking about Richard, sure she had only one or two official dates with the boy, but she had written dozen upon dozens of letters to the boy, she had poured out her hopes and dreams to the him, and thought long and hard about there future together, she had plotted out a dozen or so more dates with him. Everything under the sun had been touched upon, from what she'll wear to where they'll go. Signing slowly she shook her head, her young mind had even sworn one day she'll be wearing his ring upon her fingers.

But her dozen or so letters had remained unanswered, and only one in six received a small dripping of ink to quench her burning heart. The last one had even hinted that her love had found another girl to chase after, his letter hinted at a golden haired beauty from St. Claries of Jerusalem Academy, a private Roman Catholic school for the towns minor, but noticeable catholic population.

Sunflower shook her head as she once more tried to think through the problem. Sunflower had been born to Anglo-Saxton stock, her mother and father where life long members of St. Georges, the center of larger Anglican community. Both her and Rachel had been christen and raised in the Anglican faith, and both would receive the sacrament of 'Confirmation' come Spring.

"Rachel, by chance have you heard anything through the grapevine?" She said taking a deep breath as she peered over at best friend. Slowly she moved in a little closer, once she was rubbing her shoulder she said, "About Richard?" Sunflower was not one to go around collecting rumors or peeking into the small social circles that always formed during there break period.

"I'm sorry Sunny." Said Rachel reaching over and wrapping her arm around her friends shoulder as they left the sidewalk and started to climb down the steep hill, the sour smell of rotting and waterlogged vegetation became stronger and stronger with each step they took. The chief source of the smell being a near by sewage ditch, one that was starting to fester in the blistering heat of late July.

"Sorry about what?" She said blinking as she took, small baby steps down the hill, the smell of near by sluice filled the air, causing her to cough and lift her blouse close to her nose in hopes of shielding her from the horrible gut wrenching smell that was filling, the hot and humid summers air.

"I think your Richard, is starting to flirt with Cathleen Elizabeth Glen, the raven haired starlet of St. Claries or so my older sister tells me, and she teachers aid. And loves talking about town drama more than me." She said reaching down to take hold of Sunflowers hand.

"I see." Said Sunflower taking a deep breath s she squeezed Rachel's. Soon the two where standing at the bottom of the hill, the evening sun had now finally set behind the hills and the round silver moon was now slowly starting to inch worm its way into the darken sky. A skin cooling breeze was starting to rise from the might Mystic that was hidden just a stone throw out of sight and upon its breath was carried the subtle scent of adventure.

"But hey lets forget about that." Rachel said peering around her, the landscape was befitting one of gothic novels that her mother was so fond of. Something befitting the cover of 'Wuthering Heights' or 'Dracula'. The ground was covered with fine layer of black coal dust. A dozen or so of the low growing bush's and shrubs dotted the level ground. Dozens of small oak saplings where starting to shoot up between the ties of the abounded sections of tracks.

A dozen or so old, abounded, rusting boxcars and gutted railroad carriages stood upon the older sections of rails. Beyond the pieces of rolling stock there stood a large shoe box shape building, even in the darken night the pair could make the faint outline of the old Victorian style building.

Drawing closer, the two noticed the once proud stain glass windows had been shattered by rocks thrown by vandals, the brick walls where covered in colorful giraffe. The once double doors where too broken down and laid to the side, knocked down a season maybe passing vagrant or tramp.

"Bloody hell." Rachel said picking her way into the waiting area of the station. "This place

"Man my brother would love to be here right about now, he's always rushing down to the newsstand for the latest copy of 'Weird News' When he comes back from Sea." Sunflower said blinking as she ran her hand along the dust covered walls. A sudden chill ran down her spine as she pulled her hand away and looked down at her dust covered palm, looking up she noticed a dozen or so cobwebs some spiders had spun in the corner.

"I know right, that's why I brought my camera. I'm hopping to snap a picture of the phantom train and write a essay to go along with it, then you know maybe they'll reward us with the grand prize of fifteen quid." Rachel said with a growing sense of pride as she reached into her bag and pulled out her camera and held it high like a knight lifting on high his sword before battle.

"You know you have a better chance of winning the weekly Sunflowers Lottery than snapping a picture of a ghost train, much less writing a essay on the bloody thing, and sending it in." Sunflower said with a sign as wrapped her arms around her friends shoulder.

"Its like a hundred bloody pounds right? I mean its been the talk of the town all week, you know that's the highest its ever been before right?" The mention of the weekly drawing quickly snapped the young girls mind back to the present. And for once she forgot about the pressing issue of the ghost train that they where haunting.

"Yes, enough for nice weekend trip into the city if a girl needed to get away from it all. And if nobody wins it this week, there going to add twenty five more to the pot." Sunflower said sighing as she walked onto the old stone platform of the station house. Crossing herself as she peered down at the old rails, these same set of rails ran from Waterloo Station in Somerset to Victorian Station in Tinmouth, a distance of forty five miles or so as the crow flies.

"You know those rails have been abounded for some twenty years or so, ever since Casey Johns drove his train right off the tracks on that foggy summers night so long ago." Rachel said popping up behind Sunflower as she peered toward her friend with a little smirk.

"And Casey Johns phantom train is what where looking for, right?" Sunflower said peering over at her friend and returning the smirk with one of her own.

"Indeed…" Rachel said taking a deep breath, the air inside the abounded station was moist and laced with the sour smell of bat dropping, a deadly mixture yet one of the young girl was forced to breath in every time she took a deep breath. A frown came over her face as she heard something crack under the pressure of her foot, castling her light around she noticed a dozen or so broken beer bottles littered the once proud platform and toward the far side of the east wall one could see the remains of a homeless mans camp. The camp was nothing more than a pile of rags, a dozen or so empty cans of bully meat and a few dozen broken beer bottles. A old tin bucket filled with charred pieces of wood hinted at a long term usage of this place.

Frowning even more she turned toward her friend who seemed to be looking down at the rails. Then she heard something that chilled her to the bones, the faint shrill whistle of a old steam locomotive could be heard.

"Rachel…" Sunflower said turning toward her friend, her face looked as pale as a bed sheet, the old whistling was a sure sign that something was coming there way, if not then she must be seeing things for the old tracks where starting to shake and rattle and even the ground she was standing on seemed to move as if was alive.

"I feel it too.." Rachel said moving toward her friend. Quickly she reached down and took hold of her friends hand. Without saying a word she pulled her away from platform.

The girls shaken, blinked and blinked again as dozen or flew over there heads, screeching like something straight from the underworld, soon the deep throated sound of brass whistle bellowed again this time a little louder.

"Its coming." Whispered Sunflower to Rachel as she hugged her friend closely. Her feet seemed rooted in the ground, her blood ran cold, so cold it became almost like ice and those small cubes of ice where pressing upon her skin. And all she could do was hold onto her friend for dear life and the train seemed to come closer and closer with ever passing second. Its long mournful cry filled the summer's air a warning to all.

"Keep it together Sun…" Rachel said as she squeezed her friends shoulder. "We gotta be brave and keep it all together." She said releasing her friend shoulder as she reached into her bag and pulled out her camera.

"You're my witness to this okay, we split everything right down the middle, sisters right?" She chirped as she offered out her pinkie. Despite the fear gripping her she could not help but smile, the girls dared a venture down the fable Hemlock Lane was now standing before her shaking like a leaf in the face of Autumns breath.

"What do you mean keep it together! No train has ran on those tracks in twenty something years, this line is abounded remembered!" Bellowed Sunflower as she peered toward the shaking tracks, Sunflower was normally a very brave girl. But coming to face with the unknown had shaken her to the core, then again who would not be shaken.

Rachel was just about to respond with a less than polite section of words, then the phantom train appeared, a haunting sight if there was ever one, the once proud steam locomotive was nothing more than a shell of what it had been in life. Holes the size of moth balls had been torn into its hull, the glass in the drivers cab had been broken and the smoke stack was leaning to the side with just a few thin threads of metal keeping it from falling over. A mystic flame seemed to dance upon the surface of the glass that was still held in the frame of the cab and a shadowy black form with deep dark glowing eyes peered out from the holes.

The phantom steam locomotive was puling a dozen or so old, abounded railroad carriages. Each one was nothing more than a old skeleton of there former self's. The wooden frames where in tatters, the once highly polished wooden doors where broke and hung upon there frames.

"SHAP YOUR DAMN PHOTO RACHEL JOSEPHINE KNIGHT AND LETS GET THE BLOODY HELL OUT OF HERE BEFORE THAT POX RIDDEN THING COMES AND SPIRITS US AWAY." Bellowed Sunflower as she pointed toward the phantom train that just appeared before the two.

Rachel blinked and blinked again and with a shaking hand she reached into her purse and pulled out her camera. With all the nerve she could muster, she quickly snapped a dozen or so pictures of the phantom train. With each shutter of the camera lenses she secretly prayed that the phantom will hold its ground.

"GOTTA ENOUGH!" Bellowed Sunflower as she peered toward Rachel.

"ONE MORE!" Rachel said snapping her photo before pocking her camera in her purse and turning toward her friend, "We'll what are you waiting for?" She questioned as she reached down and took hold of her wrist. Quickly she started to move toward the front door. "Lets get out of this spook house before where spirited away or something, We have a story to write and a fifteen pound chequ to cash."

"Wait what!?" Sunflower whined in confusion as she pulled away and was forced to sprint along with her friend as the two dashed along the dust covered title floor.

"THE PHANTOM TRAIN, BY SUNFLOWER AND RACHEL." Rachel cackled as she pulled her friend through the wooden front door of the train station. "Its going to be grand, heck we might even take them for twenty five pounds, or thirty who knows, the sky is the limited now my sister."

"Don't tell me you're thinking about checking out the 'Headless Horsemen' or 'The Witch's Grave' and certainly not the 'Black Hound of Leland Moor.'." Sunflower said peering toward her friend with a look of great concern. "Because if you are. Then I guess I'm going to be there right there with you. I'm not going to let my friend get spirited away." She said signing softy. The two had just come face to face with a real ghost train. A fact her logical mind was still trying to process.

"Why not girl? There gold to be found in chasing ghost, you know the people up starved for good southern ghost stories." Rachel said with a broad smile as she reached down and took hold of her friends hand. The excitement of the experience was still flowing through her as was the thrill of the chase.

"Sure I guess." Sunflower said as she peered toward her friend. A small little smile formed upon her face as she turned to face the old abounded station house one more time. "Mind if we take a oath?" She ventured as she turned and offered her friend a small smile.

"An oath?" Sunflower said, "Sure what kind of oath?"

"Promise me, no matter what happens, no matter how much trouble we get into, doing this crazy harebrained scheme of areas, that you'll never going to abound me." Sunflower said, and to show her sincerity she offered Rachel her pinkie finger.

"I promise sis, and do likewise promise me that you'll never abounded me, desert me and otherwise leave me to fend for myself." Rachel said reaching down and wrapping her pinkie finger around her friends around hers, a pinkie promise was the girls version of a blood oath.

"I promise you, sisters through and through." Sunflower said giving the finger a shake and with that the promise was sealed.

Elizabeth took a deep breath as she paced back and forth. When her daughter Rachel had told her she was going out with her friend Sunflower to see a movie, she thought they'll do just that, go and see a movie. But instead it seemed the two had gone out and snuck down to the old abounded train station in the lower Victorian Ward.

"Girls, I need not tell how foolish it was for the pair of you to sneak into that old abounded building, much less that part of town. And Sunflower, I thought after your little adventure down 'Hemlock Lane' you would be the last one to try to pull such a stunt." She said stuffing her hands into the velvet lined pockets of housecoat. Her dark brown eyes where as smooth as glass, and oddly enough they where void of emotion. Maybe being married to the parish priest helped one develop a good solid 'Poker Face.'

"Yes maa'am." Both girls said in unison.

"Good, then there should be little need to raise a hair of fuss." She said removing her hands from her housecoat. Quickly she stepped out and walked behind the wooden desk, she was standing behind. Once behind the wooden desk she reached into one of the drawers and pulled out a solid looking hairbrush.

A look of fright came over both girls, as there hands quickly left there sides and reached over to take hold of there bottoms. Once again in unison, both girls started to back away.

"Now, please bend over." Elizabeth said taking a deep breath as she moved toward the two girls. The mother quickly gave the girls a deadpan look as the pointed toward the two chairs. "Bare your bottoms, and bend over those chairs." She said in a stern tone of voice.

Sunflower and Rachel exchanged a pair of worried looks as both girls removed there panties and flipped there skirts. Then, in a last ditch effort to show solidarity with each other, they reached over and took each others hand. Then, drawing strength from each other they started toward the there respective chairs.

"Rachel, Sunflower." Rachel's mother said as she balanced the brush in her hand. "I will not allow you two girls to endanger your life for some cheap thrill, do I make myself clear. Had you two snuck out to say explore the woods, or the many hidden gems of Ivy Woods. I might.." The mother paused and gently rolled her shoulders. "Anyway that is beside the point." She said tucking the wooden brush under her arm, and with the skilled and practice hand of a mother, who had a dozen or years of experience under her belt, she flipped the girls skirts and tucked them into there waistline.

A few painful minutes passed, before the polished backside of the brush came sailing into the girls bottoms. Sending a blistering wave of sting, followed by a rolling tide of burn into there plumb bottoms. This was followed by another one, and yet another and yet another.

Both girls could only hiss, and whimpers as the waves of pain followed into there bottom, the pain broke upon them like a wave and sprayed a surf of hair raising sting. Sunflower who had by now had been building-

Something of a mild tolerance to pain, only winced a little as the hair brushed hammered her bottom, Her friend Rachel, who had not been spanked since she was ten or so, found herself short of breath and fighting to hold back the tears as she felt the sting of her mothers hairbrush.

"The train-yard, is no place for two young girls." Scolded Rachel's mother, as she backside of the brush kissed both girls bottom in turn. "Tramps, vagabonds and hobo's all use that place as some twisted version of Central Station." She hissed as the brush once more kissed there bottoms, turning the once flour white bottoms to a deep, dark reddish color.

"Yes ma'am!" Both girls crooked as there bottoms where warmed by the contest assaulted of the wooden brush. Both where blushing deeply. Both where secretly playing that this trial of penitence would quickly pass, and it seemed there prayers where indeed answered as the spanking was quickly brought to a end.

"Now girls.." Rachel's mother said blushing as she placed the brush down. "Its late.. Sunflower your mother will be hear in the morning to pick you up. Till then you'll be a guest in are house." Rachel's mother said, nodding her head. "I suggest Rachel that you show your friend to your room, and see she property clothed" She addressing her daughter.

"Yes ma'am." Rachel said sniffing as she stood up and nodded toward her mother. Sunflower too arose and stood at her side. Both girls then turned toward the door and where about to exit the room when Rachel's mother called out to them.

"And girls!" Her mother said reaching over and pressing both girls to her breast. "Never put your self's in danger again.. Please for my sake." She said kissing both Rachel and Sunflowers forehead in turn. "Please, you're my only daughter and Sunflower, you're my only goddaughter." And with that, Rachel's mother left the two along.

The End.