The Effects of War

I lay awake in bed

Thinking of the blood I shed

Was it all terrorist red?

Or from the innocent?

Was what I did right?

Really worth the fight?

These wars are never black and white,

No way in hell am I sleeping tonight!

While I sit here and pray,

God bless the USA

Always saving the day

Or at least that's what they say

Ever resilient, the World's police

Desperately trying to keep the peace

Somehow we never hear the pleas

Of those who are really in need

Can I get an amen?

For all of our fallen men

Some of them were my friends

At what point is this going to end?

Back at home I watch TV

And am disappointed by what I see

The news is always reporting tragedy

Is this my home, the Land of the Free?

What am I fighting for?

Stars and Stripes galore

If things aren't improving here anymore,

Why did I risk my life over shores?

This is pointless, can't you see?

The only result is more casualties

Enough with the fighting, please no more

The path ahead is lined with death and gore

Now until the end of my days

On my hands foreign blood will stay

New recruits, I bid you warning

You might not be the same person in the morning

They call me a vet and shine with pride

But now I see with diamond eyes

Wars aren't the answer; they're the problem

I just hope the next generation can solve them

Sorry about the weird formatting. I wanted it to be separated, and that was the only way to do it. Yesterday, Shinedown released a new single called State of my Head. It's another song about war, and listening inspired this poem. It came to me as a song, but I can't sing for my life. I am not a war veteran, but I think this is how I would feel. Please review and let me know what you think!

Thanks - Hedgehogs4713