Chapter 1

Feelings that were about to show?


It was summer and I was feeling it. Basking in the heat of the sun, I never felt so much like being at home before. I was sitting on the balcony of my room, with my back leaning on the wall.

I was in my Egyptian home. And every summer, my parents and I would come here and spend my whole summer here.

I never get tired of this country. You would think that we're rich. Yes, we are. We could go around the world, but I prefer it here.

For me, Egypt is my home. It's like I lived here all my life! The towering pyramids, the Sphinx...even the Valley of the Kings never cease…a wonder given by the ancient Egyptians.

You would wonder why I loved Egypt to death.

I'm half Egyptian and baptized as a Christian. But was raised in Europe due to my mother. Bound to a promise, I will always spend my summer in Egypt until I personally gave up.

But no! I won't! I love Egypt for it was the home of my heritage and the very place where I could get closer to who I really was.

Oh, yeah, as I was sitting in my balcony, bored.

(No POV)

"Zia, are you here?" asked the voice, as it opened the door.

Zia, who straight black hair, turned her head to her bedroom. "Yes?"

The said person came out. It was Malik, her childhood bestfriend. Malik had tan skin, light tan, shaggy black hair, a perfect nose and perfect lips, the eyes are hazel brown.

"What are you doing here?" he asked, looking at her.

She then smiled and looked at him, "Nothing. Bored in sitting on my balcony."

He then smirked, "I thought you'd say you're bored of Egypt."

"Why would I be bored of Egypt? I love my birth country."

"Oh? It doesn't look like that to me."

"So...why have you come here anyway?" she asked, ignoring the tease, looking out again.

"I just wanted to talk to" he blushed.

She blinked as she turned back to him, "Personal?"

Malik looked down at the floor, shyly, "Yeah. I figured that I could talk to you about it."

"You already have a crush?!" she exclaimed, not believing it's not like Malik is not cute, but he is...but he never seem interested in any girl in any way.

"It's not like that!" he protested, "It's that I kind of like a girl."

"And she turned you away?" she interrupted, snickering.

Malik then looked at her slightly annoyed, "Will you let me finish?"

"Okay, Fine, fine."

He then sighed, and continued, "I kind of like her since we were…"

"Malik! Zia! Supper's ready!" shouted Zia's mother, from outside.

He groaned, "Why am I always interrupted?"

"Coming, mother!" Zia replied, then turned to him, "Let's go. I'm hungry and my stomach is growling."

She went inside her bedroom, then she looked back at him.

"Well, aren't you coming?"

He then blinked and stared at her, confused, "Huh? Coming to what?"

"You must have been spacing out...or thinking of your crush." she teased.

"I'm not!" he protested, "I just can't erase her from my mind."

She then shook her head, "Poor you. Come on. Supper's ready and I'm really hungry." she looked at him, he's still not moving from his spot outside in her balcony.

"What?" he asked.

She asked irritated, "Well, are you coming or what?"

"You go ahead. I'll follow later." he told her.

"You sure?" she asked, unsure. He nodded.

"Okay." she went out the door.

"This could wait." he told himself, as he walked out of her room.