Dear Mom,

Your memorial was beautiful. Your co-workers were all there and Jennifer gave a really lovely eulogy. In your will, you left me to Grandma and Grandpa in case anything happened. Well, I'm not sure you realized this, but that has changed. Grandma apparently died twelve years ago. And I know you let them raise Levi when you had him in high school, but here is the household as I know it now: Grandpa lives in a guest cottage on the property behind the main house, where Uncle Carlos, Uncle Jake, Levi, and his old friend Seth live.

Your younger brothers spoke a little about memories of your childhood. I had no idea you looked after them so much! Uncle Jake seemed terrified to be up there.

Right now, we're in the red 2006 Fiat Scudo on the way back to the house. Apparently, Grandpa has something against getting on a plane. Seth is staring at me with these big hazel bug eyes like a meteor just landed in the car. Otherwise, it has been really, really quiet. Sometimes Levi asks me about what I like to do. Uncle Carlos asked me about school. Grandpa has been sullen and silent. Uncle Jake looks out the window. Seth is still looking at me.

Something tells me this could be interesting.