As crying echoes from the baby monitor, Tyler turns to it. His eyes drooping, he struggles to stay awake. He had been hired by the Dahmer's to babysit their infant, Leo, while they were out for dinner. Watching over the child had proven to be a very tedious job as Tyler was stuck there late at night, with nothing to do but tend to the child's needs.

Tyler looks up at the mirror. His tired face stares back. Below his squinting eyes are black dots. His mouth hangs open.

The sound of crying again exits the speakers of the baby monitor. Tyler turns to it. Barking is then heard behind him. Turning around, Tyler looks at the family dog, Conner. The baby cries some more. Tyler stands up and leaves the kitchen table before making his way toward the steps and heading upstairs.

Watching him leave, Conner gets up and follows him.

Tyler enters Leo's room and approaches the crib. The cries of the infant fill the room. Behind him, Conner walks through the door and stands behind him.

Leaning over the crib, Tyler stares at Leo. Staring back at him, Leo stops crying. Both of their eyes lock. Silence fills the room.

The silence is broken when Tyler starts screaming at the infant. Leo just stares at him before beginning to cry again. Tyler laughs before picking the infant up. He turns to the dog who looks up at him with his tongue hanging out. Tyler looks at Leo and then Conner before an evil grin appears on his face.

Hours later, the Dahmers return home. When they enter the house, they found it to be seeming silent. Listening carefully, they hear a soft chewing sound. Walking into the living room, they find Conner chewing on a bone with flesh still wrapped around some of it. Beside Conner is a rag. Bending over, Mr. Dahmer picks it up. It's some of Leo's clothes.

"Leo!" they both cry, before running upstairs to his room.

Leo's door slams open, and both his parents storm into the room. Running to his crib, they find that it's empty.

Tyler sleeps on the couch in the living room. The screams of the parents echo the house. Tyler's eyes open and he gives out an evil laugh.