In a world called Anerth, magic flows all over the world. The year is 580C. Anerth is under attack by beings called Monsters. The only way to defeat them is by using magic. A guild named Dragon Prophets are the strongest guild in Anerth. None for defeating over 9 million Monsters and just keep going. So the day is January 5th, 580C, Thomas Smokenell finishes a job in Base Forest where a man was attacked by Monsters of the shape of a giant crab.

As soon as he got to the train, he asked, "Am I going to regret this partner?"

Phantom answered, "Yes you are Thomas?"

Phantom is a talking pet dragon that Thomas keeps by his side all the time. Phantom is a lot smaller than him, but is as strong as Thomas. They go to the same guild together as well.

Phantom said, "You're motion sickness will kick your ass."

Thomas said, "Before we go, did we get paid for defeating the Giant Crabs?"

Phantom took out the money and said, "We got paid. Stop buying time. The train is here."

Thomas said, "It's safer if we just walked home."

Thomas started walking away and Phantom saw that and grabbed his head with his claw and turned him around and made him walk into the train and they sat down and Thomas said, "Don't be so pushy."

Phantom said, "You were about to walk home. That would take you 3 whole days to do. By train, less than a day. Plus, you're known as the Destroyer of Worlds."

Thomas said, "Seriously. That's what they call me."

Phantom said, "Yep. That's what they call you."

Thomas sighed and then the train took off to Havenhedge.

Thomas laid back and said, "I feel like I'm going to be sick."

Phantom laughed and Thomas said, "This isn't funny dammit. If you were a Monster Slayer, you would be like this as well."

Phantom laughed at him and waited for the train to stop. While the train was moving, in the town Havenhedge, a group of girls surrounded a man that called himself the Destroyer of Worlds. But was a fake.

The train stopped after that and Phantom grabbed Thomas and carried him off of the train and said, "Stand up."

Thomas did and walked like a zombie and asked, "Are we off of the train?"

Phantom answered, "Yes we are. You can open your eyes now."

Thomas opened them slowly and asked, "Where are we?"

Phantom answered, "Havenhedge. The home of our guild."

Thomas said, "We're home, finally."

They started running through town looking for the guild building and Phantom asked, "Do you even know where you're going?"

Thomas answered, "Nope. I have no sense of direction, I think."

He heard a large crowd of people screaming out Destroyer of Worlds and Thomas heard that and Phantom asked, "Who would be screaming your name out?"

Thomas said, "My name is Thomas Smokenell. Not Destroyer of Worlds. But let's check it out though."

Phantom said, "Yessir."

They walked to the crowd of people and then teleported in front of him and said, "Destroyer of Worlds. Show me your true power."

The man smiled and punched the ground and it started to rumble and Thomas laughed and Phantom said, "Thomas, you shouldn't be laughing. You're mocking him."

Thomas said, "He's an imposter from the real Destroyer of Worlds. He can't even damage the ground with one hit. By the way, what guild are you from?"

The man answered, "Dragon Prophets."

Thomas punched the ground and it exploded and Thomas said, "Say it one more time."

The man said, "Dragon Prophets."

Phantom said, "Thomas, don't piss him off now."

Thomas said, "Attack me."

The man asked, "Why should Bart O'Neal attack you?"

Thomas smiled and answered, "Because I'm the real Destroyer of Worlds."

Everyone stared at him and saw the crest mark of Dragon Prophets and said, "It's the real deal."

They started screaming and then Sherry Henson looked at the bridge and Thomas smiled and Bart swung at him and hit him in the face and said, "Explode."

Thomas's face exploded and Sherry saw that and ran down there and asked, "What's going on?"

A girl answered, "There was a imposter for who the real Destroyer of Worlds is. And this is a fight to prove that fact."

Sherry said, "Really."

The smoke disappeared and Thomas stood there with a mask on his head and Bart saw that and continued to punch him and 20 punches later, he said, "Explode."

Thomas blew up again and Thomas opened his mouth and started breathing in the smoke and everyone saw that and Phantom said, "He's actually breathing the smoke in."

Sherry said, "Impossible."

Bart said, "You damn Monster Slayer."

Thomas said, "It's my turn."

Bart heard that and Thomas uppercutted him and Bart flew up and then Thomas appeared above him and put his feet on his head and said, "Fall."

They disappeared and a bigass explosion happened on the ground and everyone saw that and screamed and Thomas walked away and then stopped and breathed in all of the smoke again and everyone saw that Thomas Smokenell was still standing. A shirtless, 6 foot tall man. Long straight dark purple hair. Dumb as hell.

And Sherry fell in love with him and Bart put his thumbs up and then it fell down and Thomas said, "Oh well. I went a little overboard. I have to go back to Dragon Prophets now."

Sherry heard that and Thomas walked away and Phantom said, "He doesn't have much time to talk now. The guards are on their way here. So you might want to get out of here everyone."

Everyone started walking away and Sherry followed Thomas and Thomas sighed and said, "You want to join the guild right, magic girl."

Sherry answered, "Yes I do. I've been wanting to join since I was a little kid."

Thomas smiled and said, "Come with me then. I'll take you to the guild. But if they ask you who brought you in, don't mention my name at all."

Sherry asked, "Why not?"

Phantom answered, "He's known for attacking all of the newbies. The master hates it, but we only take the strong willing fighters. Do you fit those requirements?"

Sherry answered, "I might."

Thomas laughed and the guards appeared and Phantom said, "They're here."

Thomas grabbed her hand and started running and Phantom saw that and her jaw dropped and the guards yelled, "Wait up. Stop right there."

Thomas said, "Dragon Prophets welcome you to the guild."

Sherry smiled and Phantom yelled, "Stop getting friendly. You're being chased by the government."

Thomas said, "And. They can go to hell. But I'm not the one that's going to send them to hell though."

Phantom said, "Don't mind him. He doesn't have a brain. And you're taking us the wrong way again."

Thomas said, "If you think that I'm going the wrong way, then you lead us to the guild."

Phantom said, "I will."

Phantom grabbed Thomas's head along with Sherry's head and flew up and Thomas said, "She makes everything seem so easy. And she's always right. I do have a terrible sense of direction."

Sherry said, "I could tell."

Phantom smiled and flew toward the guild and she let go of Thomas and Thomas saw that and said, "Huh. Huh. Huh."

Sherry asked, "Why'd you drop him?"

Phantom answered, "He's getting on my nerves."

Sherry asked, "Why are you partnered up with him then?"

Phantom answered, "He raised me."

Thomas flew to the ground and his head hit the ground first and the ground exploded and Phantom landed and Sherry asked, "Will he be ok?"

Phantom grabbed him and Sherry pushed the doors open and Phantom flew in and Sherry walked in and August Koch said, "Look at that, you knocked Thomas out. Master, she knocked Thomas out."

The guild master, Skylar Gilbert walked out of her office and looked at him and said, "Thomas, open your eyes."

Thomas did and said, "Man, you had to drop me Phantom."

Phantom said, "See, I told you that he was going to be fine."

Sherry asked, "How did you survive that?"

Thomas answered, "You heard the crowd. I'm the Destroyer of Worlds."

August said, "Pussy of Worlds."

Thomas stood up and flew toward him and August said, "Ice Arrows."

Arrows made out of ice appeared and fire magic appeared and August saw that and Thomas swung at him and then Skylar appeared and Thomas saw that and jumped over her and August and landed on his feet and Skylar said, "Enough Thomas. Call him another name and you'll feel my wrath. Thomas felt it more than anyone else here."

Sherry heard that and asked, "Are you that strong?"

Thomas answered, "She's a monster."

August said, "She's a demon."

Skylar said, "I'm the 3rd guild master of Dragon Prophets. It's nice to meet you. Who brought you here?"

Thomas started giving her movements saying not to include him in this and Sherry answered, "Him."

Thomas saw that and Skylar said, "Thomas did eh."

Thomas said, "You backstabbing bitch."

Skylar grabbed Thomas's head and started slamming him into the ground and Thomas asked, "Why me?"

Skylar answered, "You brought a girl that was prettier than me."

August heard that and Thomas said, "She was following me. I would have killed her, but I'm not that mean. Plus, someone was trying to use my name to get the guild in trouble. I think his name was Kat Fink."

Phantom said, "You can't even remember his name. It's Bart O'Neal."

Thomas said, "What she said."

Sherry said, "Bart O'Neal is the guild master of Sexy Pirates. A well-known guild of using other people to do criminal deeds."

Skylar said, "But she's smarter than me too."

She continued to slam him into the ground and August saw that and said, "Calm down master."

Melissa Weber walked over to her and said, "Sorry about that, I'm Melissa Weber. But call me Melissa. I'm the bartender here."

Sherry said, "I'm Sherry Henson. I wish to join here."

Skylar heard that and let go of Thomas and Thomas laid there and played dead and Skylar said, "Welcome to Dragon Prophets. I'm glad to have you here. Am I right Thomas."

Thomas put his thumbs up and then they fell down and his head moved like he was dead and August yelled, "You killed him."

August ran toward him and Thomas smiled and August checked if he was breathing and noticed that there was no pulse and that was because he stopped everything from working in his body and August started to give him CPR and as soon as he kissed him, Thomas felt that and punched him and yelled, "I'm not gay dumbass."

August flew into the ceiling and Skylar laughed and said, "That's my boy."

Thomas stared at the ceiling and asked, "Do I have permission to beat him up?"

Skylar answered, "No you don't."

Thomas heard that and said, "OK."

Melissa asked, "Would you like a drink to get rid of the feeling of the kiss?"

Thomas said, "I'm going to have nightmares now."

Everyone started laughing and Thomas stood up and said, "Yeah, I'll take a drink."

Thomas sat down and waited.

As soon as the drink came, Thomas drank it as fast as possible and then wiped his mouth and then put his head down and Phantom yelled, "What did you put in the drink?"

Melissa answered, "Sleeping Magic. Was I not supposed to?"

Phantom answered, "No. He said that he was going to have nightmares. Now he'll be up all night, scared for his life."

Skylar said, "You did the right thing. He needs his rest. He just finished a job."

Melissa said, "See. She agrees with me."

Skylar drank out of the same mug and she passed out as well and her head was on top of Thomas's head and Melissa asked, "Phantom, did you switch the mugs?"

Phantom answered, "Nope. Did you?"

Melissa answered, "Nope."

Ryan Peterson laughed and asked, "Was I not supposed to switch the mugs?"

They yelled, "No. It had Sleeping Magic in it."

Ryan laughed and said, "Oh, good for them then. They'll be asleep for a while."

Phantom yelled, "You idiot. Now they'll both be having nightmares."

Ryan heard that and said, "It's totally not my fault."

Melissa said, "Yes it is. You put the master to sleep."

Ryan heard that and turned her over and then put her back and said, "She's going to kill us."

Melissa said, "You're right. Thomas was already half dead."

Sherry said, "You people are truly insane."

Melissa said, "Where do you want the guild crest?"

Sherry answered, "My left arm."

Melissa took the stamp out and stamped her left arm and said, "Get some sleep Sherry. Come back tomorrow. You'll be fine. We don't bite. Only Thomas does the biting. But did he really bring you here?"

Sherry answered, "Yes he did. Is that really a surprise?"

Phantom answered, "Yes it is. Thomas would never let anyone join in the guild. Every time someone asked to join, he would beat the shit out of him/her and then walk away. Even if you were a girl, he would attack you. He has no feelings about the human race. He only wants the world to be happy. That's all he wants. Oh, and to find his father."

Melissa said, "Yep, he disappeared 20 years ago and Thomas never found him yet. He's a dragon. A badass fire dragon. You don't want to know the rest of his past."

Sherry heard that and said, "Well, I'll see you tomorrow."

She walked away and then they said, "See you tomorrow."

Melissa said, "Let's put them on the bed together."

Phantom said, "Yep."

Melissa lifted Skylar up and Phantom lifted Thomas up and they walked up to Skylar's room and put them on the same bed and walked out of the room and closed the door. And everyone waited for them to wake up.