Sutanto said, "He's only acting like a good person. You need to get as far away from him as possible. He might kill you 2 next."

Sherry said, "He won't kill us."

Thomas walked to the seat where he sat before and listened to their conversation again.

Sutanto said, "You don't know him. We do. He used to be the guild master of a dark guild called Darkside Elites. Darkside Elites is a well-known dark guild that destroyed more than half of the world in only 3 days. The guild is still active to this day. But no one knows who the guild master is."

Lestari said, "That guild is bad news for the world. Everyone knows about it. It's full of Demons that use very dangerous magic that no one in the world uses. There's no stopping them. Thomas trained them all as well. The guild keeps getting bigger because someone keeps creating these beasts."

Sherry heard that and Phantom said, "There's no way that he would be a member of Darkside Elites. It's the leader of all dark guilds. He would never betray this world."

Lestari asked, "What makes you say that?"

Sherry answered, "That's because he's a member of Dragon Prophets."

Sutanto heard that and said, "Dragon Prophets is the strongest legal guild in the world. But Darkside Elites are way stronger. Thomas's explosive power wiped out 500 cities, 2,000 islands, and 70 continents. We 20 Train Robbers were created to take him out along with his entire guild. But his magic power gets stronger every second of the day. Thomas will destroy the world."

Lestari said, "Darkside Elites are going to destroy the world he means. Anerth will be nothing but dust when they're done with it. You need to stay away from him before he turns into his Demon form."

They stared at them and then the other 18 of them walked into the back cart and said, "Lestari, Sutanto, let's go. The train stopped."

They looked around and saw that no one was there and Sutanto said, "Do as we say. Get away from him now."

Thomas stood up and grabbed the 2 of them and said, "Your 18 friends are here."

Phantom heard that and said, "I thought that you went to the other cars."

Thomas said, "Nope. I've been sitting here listening to your conversation. It seems that they know more about me than I know about myself. It's quite exciting if you ask me."

Sutanto said, "It's not exciting."

Sydney Holt said, "Let's go."

Thomas said, "Go. Before I kill you."

They heard that and Thomas ran toward them and everyone asked, "Who are you?"

Sutanto answered, "That's Thomas Smokenell."

Thomas ran through them and disappeared and Sydney saw that and said, "He just disappeared after running through us."

Phantom said, "Ghost Magic and then Teleportation Magic."

Jack Shelton said, "That can't be Thomas Smokenell. He only uses Fire Magic."

Phantom smiled and said, "That's him."

Sherry asked, "Why do you hate Thomas so much?"

Yuichi Sadahada answered, "He killed our parents and then took our siblings away and turned them into Demons."

Sherry said, "He would never do that."

Bob Horne asked, "Do you know why he never shows his legs?"

Phantom answered, "Nope, not at all."

Bob said, "He has the guild crest for Darkside Elites. It's a human laying on the ground with blood surrounding the body. You should stay away from him."

Phantom said, "Never."

Thomas appeared in the front train and said, "Start driving."

The driver asked, "Why?"

Thomas answered, "You got 20 criminals on the train. Drive."

The driver did and Bob felt the train moving and Sherry collapsed and said, "I think that I'm going to be sick."

Kyouko Kuramoto laughed and walked over to her and started kicking her and said, "Look at how weak she is. She has motion sickness."

Sherry started screaming and Phantom shot a fireball at her and the leader of the 20 Train Robbers, Raira Yano made it disappear and said, "It seems that you really underestimate us. We're made to kill them."

Thomas made his pants disappear and put shorts on and Thomas looked at his legs and saw the guild crest of Darkside Elites and smiled and said, "OK. Let's begin the fun everyone. But whatever you do, do not stop the train."

The driver asked, "What about the passengers?"

Thomas heard that and said, "OK. Forget about what I said. I'm going to fight them on the train. So whatever you do, don't stop till it's time for the passengers to leave."

The driver said, "Understood."

Thomas disappeared and appeared behind everyone and then the Thomas saw that Kyouko was attacking Sherry and said, "You should never mess with my friends."

Phantom heard that and Kyouko turned her head slowly and Thomas appeared behind everyone and Thomas yelled, "Get out of this car everyone."

All of the passengers ran to the next car and Dave Reyes asked, "What are you doing Thomas?"

Thomas walked out and detached the car and Thomas attacked them all and grabbed the bags and said, "See you later."

Phantom grabbed Sherry and flew to the next car of the train and Raira yelled, "You bastard. Give us back our loot."

Thomas yelled, "Stop talking shit about me then."

They heard that and Thomas smiled and opened the hatch and walked in and yelled, "Who had there things stolen?"

Everyone rose there hands and Thomas lifted the bags up and everyone started cheering and Thomas smiled and put the bags down and said, "I'm going to give everyone there belongings back. So hang in there."

He started walking all over the train handing everyone there things and 7 days later, everyone was off of the train and it was only Thomas, Phantom and Sherry sitting there and the driver asked, "Where are you 3 going?"

Thomas answered, "We're going to Oldnesse."

The driver heard that and said, "Oldnesse. You can't be serious. You 3 will get murdered. Everyone in that town died yesterday. A group of Monsters appeared out of nowhere and started destroying the place. It was on the radio. Nothing is left except for the Monsters."

Thomas said, "I guess that we have to defeat those Monsters then."

The driver heard that and then looked ahead of him and saw the Monsters and screamed and Thomas asked, "What's wrong?"

The train hit the Goliath and was smashed to smithereens and Thomas banged is head into the seat and Phantom grabbed Sherry and flew out before that even happened and Sherry opened her eyes and asked, "What happened?"

Phantom answered, "The train hit the Goliath."

Raira and the others appeared and saw that the train hit the Goliath and asked, "Is he dead?"

Sherry asked, "Where's Thomas? Is Thomas ok?"

Phantom answered, "I don't know where he is."