Pop Rocks

by Sailor Jane and Glee-chan



"It's raining on prom night

My hair is a mess

It's running all over

My taffeta dress.

It's wilting the quilting

On my maiden form.

And mascara flows

Right down my nose

Because of the storm."

Hannah and Camilla were singing loudly, and badly, as they spun around in the downpour that developed since they exitted the dance. Now that it was over, and they had had arrived at Camilla's Beach house, the two were prancing in the drive way, allowing the rain to pelt down huge droplet over their forms.

"What are they singing?" Amy asked C.J., as the two of them had ran as fast as they could under an awning by the house, while Katie stood near the two singers, laughing at them as they danced in the rain.

"It's a song from Grease, by Cindy Bullens, I think." C.J. responded, having to raise her voice over the splatter of water hitting the pavement from the nearby gutter. She knew this because she had played Sandy in last year's production. In a way, Grease was the very thing that got Camilla to notice her.

Amy laughed, even if there was a hint of jealousy in her eyes. But for C.J., it was nice to see Camilla and Hannah getting along for once. Apparently they shared a love for musicals. Maybe she might be jealous now, but this kind of thing but having her girlfriend and her best friend become close couldn't be a bad thing. C.J. knew the girl always was in the middle of people's interpersonal relationships within the group. The only one among them that wasn't that close to Amy was Katie, and despite that the rocker respected her immensely. Now, as Hannah and Camilla held gloved hands and spun around in a circle still singing, C.J. hoped that would be a case. Regardless of her new jealousy though, C.J. noticed that Amy's gaze focus on Hannah's drenched form. There was real love there.

Katie walked over to them and got under the awning, even though she was soaked to the core now. "They're like little girls!"

"I know! It's so cute!" C.J. cooed.

"Want to join them?" Katie asked the two.

"We'll get wet!" Amy shook her head.

"You're already wet." Katie pointed out.

It was true. From the jog they took from the limo to the awning they got soaked. It was only once they reached the awning did they notice the other three hadn't ran off after them. Surprisingly Camilla had held Hannah back in a playful way, and they giggled and squeaked as the rain fell them on them. Then Hannah spontaneously started singing the song, Camilla joined in, and that's where they were.

"C'mon Amy." C.J. grabbed both Katie and Amy's gloved hands, and the three of them ran out towards Hannah and Camilla.

"EKK!" Amy squealed. The water was cold, but even so there was a grin on her face. "This is so crazy!"

Katie laughed and pulled C.J. closer. "I need your body-heat, Baby."

"You were the one who wanted us to play out here." C.J. reminded her, but allowed herself to be pulled away from Amy to be embraced by her girlfriend. Now their chests were pressed together and their noses were almost touching.

"If I'm gonna catch pneumonia, then I figured you and Amy should as well." Katie teased.

"How very kind of you." C.J. said, then pushed her head forward and kissed Katie. The raven haired rocker, grabbed the back of C.J.'s head and leaned into the kiss, her tongue entering her mouth. Despite the cold, C.J.'s body felt hot now.

"Wooo!" Camilla cheered. "Get it, girl!"

Blushing, C.J. pulled away, turned her head and smiled at Camilla. "Shut up!"

"Okay, this has been fun, but I'm freezing my tits off." Hannah said. Everyone looked at her, as she never spoke like that. "Katie's rubbing off on me!" She made an excuse and looked embarrassed at herself.

Amy hugged her, grabbed her hand, and was the first to dash to the front door. C.J. noticed that Katie took both Camilla and her hand and led the way. It was nice of her. Since Camilla didn't have a girlfriend no one wanted to exclude her, so they all were trying extra hard to include her in everything. When they arrived at the door, Camilla's shaking hands fumbled with her keys to unlock it. Once it was open, they all piled inside, laughing and starting to shiver from the coldness.

"Freezing your tits off is right!" Camilla shook her head. "How did it get so cold so fast?!"

"Everyone needs to get out of your dresses and into some warm water." Amy's motherly side came out. There's plenty of bathrooms so-"

"No." Camilla shook her head and pointed at the far end of the house. "Hot tub. It heats up real quick and we all can get in at once."

Seeing this as a good idea, everyone stripped where they stood. The entry way had a tile floor, but the rest of the house on the ground level had hard wood. So as not to damage anything, undressing where they stood was the only option without having to do some major clean up. At first C.J. wasn't thinking about it. She just unzipped Katie's dress, then pulled her own down. But once she saw Hannah standing awkwardly in her underwear, C.J. realized what was on the blonde-brit's mind. Were they going full commando? Camilla answered that question by pulling down her own panties without a care in the world.

"Amy, get a trash bag from the kitchen cabinet and put our wet dresses in there. Then take it to the laundry room and start a load. We can't have it dripping water over everything." Camilla ordered. "I'll get the tub ready. Katie, can you help me uncover the tub and make sure the awning is in place?"

"Sure." Katie agreed.

"Hannah, C.J., go get us some towels." Camilla told them. They're upstairs in the second closet near the hallway bathroom."

"Right." Hannah nodded, holding herself, mainly for warmth.

With their tasks assigned, the naked girls feet patted on the wooden floor as they took their routes in a run. C.J. followed Hannah upstairs, and the two of them had a time trying to find the closet Camilla spoke of. Once they did, they grabbed a towel for each of them, plus several others. They wrapped themselves up, then bounded back down the stairs.

"Let's mop up this mess we left by the door before we find Amy." Hannah suggested.

So C.J. took one of the extra towels and soaked up the mess as best she could. Hannah was watching her, and she wasn't all that sure if the girl was looking up her towel as she bent over. Never the less, she finished up, and the two of them joined Amy as she was still preparing the wash. C.J. gave Amy the wet towel, and the guitarist added it to the load.

"I hope our dresses don't get ruined… I forgot to read the labels on how to wash them before I threw them into the water."

"It's okay love." Hannah handed Amy her own towel. "Here wrap up, you're shivering."

Amy did so, but before she did, C.J. took a mental note on how far Amy had come. The first time the group had seen each other naked, Amy covered herself up the whole time. But now she seemed more comfortable in her own skin. Was it that she trusted her friends not to judge her now, or did it have something to do with Hannah?

"Is it just me, or is it bizarre just walking around this house all naked?" Hannah asked with a laugh. "I don't even walk around naked all that much in my bedroom."

"You get used to it." C.J. joked, as if it was something they did before Hannah joined. Hannah knew better and smirked.

Amy went over to Hannah and wrapped her arms around her, her little arms trembling from the cold. "Do you think Camilla's got that tub warm yet?"

"I hope so." Hannah said, with a pink face. C.J. thought it was cute.

The three of them joined Katie and Camilla, who were already inside the tub. It was still raining pretty hard, but the awning over the hot tub blocked most of it from girls. There was visible steam coming from the bubbling water and it looked very inviting. Unwrapping their towels and placing them on a towel wrack nearby, the three of them tentatively climbed into the tub. C.J. sat next to Katie with Amy on the other side, while Katie was next to Camilla, and Camilla next to Hannah. There were no words for the moment, as all of them dunked their heads in the hot water to warm their hair, and just allowed their bodies to heat up.

Camilla started laughing all of a sudden. C.J. blinked and looked at where she was pointing. It was at Amy. At first C.J. didn't know what she was laughing at, but after a moment, she saw it. Amy's glasses were all fogged up from the steam. Everyone else started to join Camilla in her laugh.

"I can't see anything!" Amy also was laughing as she tried wiping her fingers on the lenses. Unfortunately they fogged up almost immediately after she did that.

"Here, take them off." Hannah went over and pulled Amy's glasses off and placed them on the top of her head like a hair band. "Just don't forget they're here."

"Thanks." Amy blinked a few times, trying to get her eyes to adjust.

"You two are such a couple." Katie commented.

"Well yeah. We've been one for a while!" Amy said in a confused voice.

"It's just I've not had a chance to see much of it." Katie told her.

"I have." C.J. nodded her head. "It's one of the perks of living in Amy's room. They're actually quite the married couple."

Camilla groaned. "Boring. What fun is that? Did you at least get to see them go at it like horny monkeys?"

"Not really." C.J. admitted.

"We're not rude like that." Hannah quickly said.

"I wouldn't have minded." C.J. told her. "I would have giving you your privacy but every time I went to leave one of you said it was okay for me to stay."

"I'm not going to kick you out of your room, C.J." Hannah said, but it was clear had she known this little tidbit she might have allowed C.J. to take a hike more often.

"Damn C.J.. You're a clam-jam." Katie snickered.

"I didn't mean to be?"

"Clam-jam?" Hannah looked puzzled. Amy was blushing, as she heard this term before.

"Well at least the pair of you have girlfriends." Camilla said slightly bitter. "I really need to get out there and find someone."

"There's always Natalie." Katie teased.

"Oh fuck that! I'd rather go back out with what's-his-face… Tucker." Camilla scrunched her nose.

There was a pause for a few moments as they all were thinking their own thoughts. Then out of no where Amy spoke up. "Let's play Truth or Dare."

"Amy, you minx!" Camilla laughed. "Where did that come from?"

"I thought it would be fun to play a game." Amy said, looked a bit confused. "Since we're in a hot tub with no clothes or anything else, our options are limited."

"Leave it to Amy to make Truth or Dare sound innocent." Katie shook her head. "I'm game, if anyone else is. But we have to promise each other not to get pissed off at anyone for the dares and truths we have to share. "

"Okay." C.J. nodded, knowing full well there'd be a lot of crazy suggestions coming from Katie and Camilla's end of things. "It's just in good fun, right?"

"Yeah." Camilla smiled. "Okay. Hannah?"

"Ummm." Hannah didn't look so sure, but nodded her head anyway.

"Cool. Hannah you go first."

"Why me?"

"Because." Camilla said as if that was a reason.

"Fine." Hannah said, and turned to Amy. "Truth or Dare."

"Oh come on!" Camilla protested. "That's to predictable!"

"You wanted me to go first, didn't you?"

Amy snickered a bit, looked at Camilla and said "Truth." Everyone laughed.

Hannah took a second to think of a question. "Have you ever shoplifted before?"

Camilla groaned. C.J. couldn't help but laugh at that. Katie, from under the water, reached over and placed a hand on C.J.'s thigh. She took a small look at her girlfriend, smiled, then returned her attention back to Amy.

"No, I haven't." Amy answered, which surprised no one. "Camilla, Truth of Dare."

Camilla looked at Hannah defiantly. "Dare."

There was a wave of hoots and cheers for that. Amy thought about her dare carefully, then looked at her friend. "Okay. I dare you to get out of the hot tub, run out into the rain, and jump into the pool!"

A round of laughs came from everyone, as Camilla protested. Soon they were all slapping their hands on the water chanting "Do it, do it, do it!", while Camilla looked out into the darkness of her backyard. Pulling herself out, she took a deep breath and climbed out the tub. Then she took to a run out into the rain. As soon as the cold water touched her they all could hear her squeak from the cold. Then a roar of laughter came when she cannon balled into the pool and screamed from the coldness of it. A minute later she was running back, rubbing her hands up and down on her arms as she came up.

"Cold cold cold!" Camilla said, dunking body into the bubbling water. "Shit that was cold!"

"We can tell. Your nipples could cut glass!" Katie joked.

"Ha. Ha." Camilla said sarcastically, her lips slightly blue.

"It's your turn, love." Hannah said in a sweet voice that could be interrupted as sarcasm, though C.J. found it hard to tell with her sometimes.

"Give me a sec." Camilla told her, then dipped her head under the water for a moment, then came out. She ran her fingers through her dark hair, pulling it away from her face and breathed in. Then after looking around at possible victims, she settled on Katie. "Truth or Dare."


"Ohhhhh." Everyone went.

"I dare you to give Hannah a hickey."

"What! No way!" Hannah blushed. "It's her dare, why am I involved?"

"Because you were being cheeky with me." Camilla spoke with a fake British accent.

Katie glanced at C.J., as if asking for permission. But it was all fun and games. C.J. giggled and shoved her girlfriend forward. Laughing a bit, Katie waded over to Hannah. She gently tilted the blonde-brit's head to the side and cleared her neck of any hair there. Then before she leaned down into it she looked at Amy and went "Sorry."

Hannah squeaked, and raised her hands, her fingers clawing the air as Katie sucked on her neck. Amy covered her mouth with her hands, but she wasn't insulted. In fact, if C.J. didn't know better, she could have sworn that Amy thought it was hot. Hannah moaned a bit, not out of pleasure, not more out of embarrassment, her hands still in the air, helpless to do anything. But her eyes were glazing over slightly, and even though it wasn't what she wanted, she didn't hate it. When Katie's lips pulled away from Hannah's neck, there was a red mark there. Everyone laughed as Hannah pressed her hand to the spot where Katie kisses her.

"You're so cute." Amy lowered the hand and looked at the hickey. "Here." Amy gave her a soft kiss on the spot.

"Awwww." C.J. and Katie went. Camilla snickered.

"C.J., Truth or Dare." Katie spoke once Hannah and Amy's moment was over.

"Again with the girlfriends…" Camilla mumbled.

Not knowing if Camilla was joking or feeling left out, C.J. felt she should do a dare. If she did a truth, Camilla might just chalk it up to the girlfriends saving each other from humiliation. So she swallowed her apprehension from whatever crazy dare Katie might give and decided to go for it. She gave Katie a look that read 'don't hold back' then said the word: "Dare."

"Whoa…" Amy whispered.

"Okay." Katie said, obviously thinking of something horrible. "I'm going to cover your eyes with my hands. You have to grab everyone else's breasts and try to guess who's who. The ones you can't guess right, you have to give a piggyback ride to out in the rain."

"Shit!" Amy slammed her palm on the water. "No fair!"

Everyone laughed at that reaction.

Resolved to this dare, C.J. nodded. Katie slipped behind C.J. and placed her hands over her eyes. Smiling a bit to herself, she felt Katie's own breast pressing against her back. She could hear the girls lining up in front of her, changing positions so C.J. couldn't guess who their were from where they were sitting before. Once they had settled down, she groped blindly to her left and found the first person.

Tracing her hands downward, she found her boobs. She lightly squeezed them, but she had no earthly clue who it was. There was an inhale of breath, so she knew whoever it was was trying to hold in a protest or laughter. Groaning a bit to herself, she moved to the middle person, figuring she'd guess the left girl after she eliminated some of the others. Without a doubt, the middle one was Camilla. Her breast were the biggest among them, and the middle person had a lot to grope. But just to add some drama to it, C.J. groped her a bit longer than necessary, then moved on to the girl to the right. Her breast seemed bigger than the one on the left, but C.J. was struggling. Was Amy bigger or was Hannah. They seemed pretty equally on just appearances, but then again, C.J. never was comparing their boobs until now.

"Ummmmm." C.J. didn't know. The three girls in front of her were stifling giggles. "I need to feel them again."

"C.J.!" Katie laughed. "You're such a pervert!"
"I'm not!" C.J. moaned, but reached her arms out and felt one boob of the left girl, and one boob from the right at the same time. "Ughhh. Who's who?"

"Times up. Give your guesses." Katie said with a smile on her voice.

"Well Camilla is directly in front of me. I can't mistake those boobs." C.J. said.

Camilla laughed. "Sure took your time trying to figure that out though."

"Sorry!" C.J. smiled. "As for the left girl…. I think it's Amy."

"YES!" Amy shouted.

Katie let go of C.J.'s eyes and pushed her slightly. "You figured it out. Care to share how?"

"I took a guess." C.J. admitted, looking at Hannah and Amy just to make sure she was right. "They're about the same size, I couldn't tell."

"Alright, alright." Camilla was moving back to her spot. "That was fun and all, but I was hoping you'd messed up. It would have been fun to watch you do a Piggyback ride."

Katie gave C.J. a kiss on the cheek, and took her seat next to her again. "Okay, Baby, you're up."

"Who hasn't gone yet?" C.J. asked, after Amy had gotten into place. She was beaming, obviously happy that she didn't get dragged out into the rain.

"Hannah, I think." Katie said, looking at the british girl.

"Okay then, Hannah: Truth or Dare?"

"Truth." Hannah immediately said. Apparently she thought that was the safest answer. But C.J. was secretly glad she said that. It was easier to ask a truth than it was to think of a crazy dare after Katie's completely random one.

"Tell us who you would have sex with in this group, other than Amy." C.J. commanded.

Hannah's face went pink again. "Wha-"

Amy tilted her head, looking interested. "It's okay, Hannah. I'm actually pretty curious."

Looking embarrassed, she looked from one to the other, then ran her fingers through her hair. "Well… if I'm going strictly on looks, I'd want to have sex with Camilla." Everyone seemed surprised at that answer, especially Camilla. But Hannah wasn't finished. "For something a bit more personal, I'd like to do it with C.J. But If I just want to be fucked hardcore, I'd pick Katie."

Everyone laughed at that. While she basically said she wanted to sleep with them all to cover her bases, it sounded so raunchy. But Camilla wasn't letting that slide, even if it was funny. She demanded a straight answer.

"Okay… I think I'd pick you Camilla." Hannah blushed again. "Simply because I like long haired brunettes."

"Watch out, Amy, you're girl's after me." Camilla chuckled.

Amy laughed, but C.J. could tell that bit of jealousy returned.


After a few other rounds of Truth or Dare, the dares got more and more sexual. Once things got to the point where Amy had to lick Camilla's neither regions under water for as long as she could hold her breath, it was time to call it quits. Truth be told, Amy was starting to look nervous about things getting more out of hand, if that was even possible, and generally everyone else agreed.

"Fuck this," Camilla said, "Let's go play some music." She gave Amy a wink, obviously trying to save face for both of them, "I'm hot anyway." She got out of the hot tub and dried off.

"Yes you are! Check out that ass!" Katie smiled teasing her.

Camilla chuckled, "Oh shut up!"

Their dresses were still being dried, so Katie insisted that they simply play naked. Hannah voiced some concern over this, but it didn't take her long to acquiesce to the suggestion once she saw Amy's body. Meanwhile, Camilla put her towel on the drum stool then had to walk into the other room to get her drum gloves.

"Sorry," she said putting the white gloves on, the ones Katie originally gave her, "My hands may be getting better, but I still can't drum without the gloves." As she looked in her bag, she noticed something nostalgic. She had multiple pairs of the short white gloves they all used to wear when they began Pop Rocks. Smiling to herself she pulled them out and dangled them in front of C.J.

"Look what I found?"

"Seriously?" C.J. groaned, "I thought we were gonna play naked."

"Might as well play along, babe," Katie told C.J., grabbing a pair, "I need to anyway. My hands were in the water so I don't want my callouses to get ruined."

"Hmm, that's a good idea," Amy pursed her lips together, then put her gloves on well.

Hannah and C.J. looked at each other and shrugged. Not wanting to be left out, Hannah put her gloves on, and C.J. was the last to do so, as usual. What a strange sight: Katie Kerrigan on bass, Camilla Gerletti on drums, Amy Lynn on guitar, Hannah Darby on Keyboards, and C.J. Wright singing: all naked except for a pair of short white gloves. All of their respective instruments covered up their nether regions, but C.J. was out in full view for everyone.

"For the record," Camilla pointed her drumsticks at everyone, "I was the one who came up with the idea for the gloves!"

"We know." C.J. said in an annoyed voice.

Amy nodded her head, then Hannah added. "Camilla, the whole band was your idea. If you hadn't pushed us, we never would have gotten this far." She smiled sweetly, and Camilla felt her heart beat ever so slightly. Since when did Hannah become less annoying?

"You know what's funny," Katie turned at Hannah, "When we first got together here, we went skinny dipping in the pool, and Amy was covering herself up the whole time." She looked back and pointed at Amy, "Now look at her, flaunting her sexiness!"

Looking slightly embarrassed, Amy put a hand to her hair and another to her side, posing like a super-model. With her guitar around her shoulder, it was even sexier. Everyone had a good laugh at that. It was rare for Amy to be so free-spirited, even if everyone could tell she was pushing herself. Camilla was quick to notice that Hannah's eyes were sparkling, admiring her girlfriend without any restraint.

"You've definitely gotten more comfortable in your own skin, Amy!" C.J. complimented her.

"I don't know about that," Amy shook her head, "Everyone is so pretty..."

"You've come a long way," Katie smiled and gave a fake prep-talk, "I'm proud of you!"

"As have you," Camilla gave the same tone of voice to Katie, "You've become a civilized human being."

"Perhaps a little bit of good ole English manners has seeped in?" Hannah teased.

Camilla pointed her drumstick to Hannah as if she hit on something important. However, she laughed it off. She was starting to see what Amy saw in Hannah now. Why had it taken her so long to notice it?

C.J. seemed less enthusiastic about this conversation, looking down at the floor while holding the mic. But Camilla wasn't the only one who noticed this little head movement. Katie also noted it and walked over to her, taking her by the side.

"You okay baby?"

After a long silence, everyone waiting for the singer to speak up. When she finally did, it was in a whisper. "I'm just glad I have you all to thank for taking me care of me. Katie, I know you said this band saved you, well it saved me too. This might have been the hardest year I've ever had in my life, but everyone helped me through it. I love you all."

Camilla felt her eyes well up. It wasn't a secret C.J. felt this way, but she never really vocalized it to the group like that before. It made Camilla feel happy. As a surprised to herself, she was the first to jump out of her drum-set and run over to C.J. to hug her. Even Katie was slow on the uptake. The blonde allowed the embrace to happen, not the least bit shy from the affection.

"I know I suck as saying these things, but I love you C.J., we all do." Camilla whispered to her, "None of this could have happened without you."

Katie finally realized she was missing out on the moment, and hugged them both too. Amy was next, flipping her guitar to her back, and finally Hannah. In this one moment. nothing in this world seemed like it could replace the friendship and love between these five young musicians.

"All right," Camilla broke up the embrace, "There's too much naked lesbian love going on here. If were aren't going to fuck, then let's at least play our hearts out!"

Everyone laughed, except Katie. She simply picked up her bass and started playing what sounded like a guitar riff. But no one recognized it. Camilla figured that it might be an original. With Katie playing her bass, everyone else went back to their respective instruments. Katie showed the line to Amy, who copied it. Once Amy had the part, a slow, clean, deep guitar line, it sounded like something Nirvana would've played, along the lines of "Heart Shaped Box." However the song did not share the same chords. Katie began to sing into her mic:

"Look around this room with all my friends

Surrounding me…"

Hannah was next to join in. She got a cello sound on her keyboard and added some color behind the grungy guitar and bass notes. Camilla smirked at the blonde-brit, then added a very soft drum-beat

"Hear the healing sounds of popping rocks

Along the sea…"

By now, Katie didn't say any words. She just hummed the melody. As there were no more words, C.J. hummed along adding a spontaneous harmony. It was haunting, but beautiful. Obviously Katie was channeling all the darkness and personal demons she had faced into art.

But suddenly, Katie's bass began amping up. Everyone seemed to stop. She was playing something very fast and very loud and Camilla was the first to jump in. She seemed to explode on her drum set, playing a fast ska-like groove. Amy came in next hammering out some distorted power chords. Then Hannah, with some organ. It sounded like it could have been part of the same song, even if it was a different feel. It would be almost like a symphony.

But Katie didn't sing more, she just looked to C.J. and mouthed, "You got it!"

C.J. held her microphone and must have just sang the only words that came to mind:

"Popping rocks!

We'll be popping rocks!

Gonna be popping rocks until the sun comes up!"

Now with some form of chorus, Katie joined in with a harmony, as did Camilla on her drum set. The mood was exciting, it was energy. No matter what these five young ladies were going through in their lives, no matter what had gone through for the past year, no matter what was to come, one thing would always remain constant: The music.

For Pop Rocks, music was all that mattered.

The End.