I open my eyes to darkness, except the faint moonlight draining in from the open window and casting it's glow upon the floorboards, the only sound being the gentle whirring of the air conditioner from the opposite window. "Why did I leave the window open...?" I mumble, freezing from the bitter cold swooshing in combined with the AC. I Reluctantly stand up, my bare feet on the icy floor sending shocks up my soles as I tiptoe blindly to the windows. I switch off the AC and close the window groggily and fall back into the comfy-warm spot in bed and snuggle in with my pink jellybean-scented bunny that I most certainly, absolutely do. not. own. I stay there for a couple of seconds then hastily roll over, trying desperately to get back to sleep. I have a big day tomorrow... I roll over again, nearly falling off the bed. Realizing that i'm trying way too hard, I sigh in defeat. There's no way I can fall asleep again now...I sit up and brush the scraggly curls from my face as I wobble to the kitchen to see what time it is. 5:14. I sigh and stumble back into my safe, warm bed. I'm not used to waking up this early, I'm homeschooled by my parents. And I went to bed at midnight so I am absolutely, positively, and completely, discombobulated. And sleepy. But...You know how it is! I just...Can't sleep! I am way too excited to sleep! But then again, if i'm tired I won't have a good time...


Huh...I guess I can sleep.

"Honey...Sweetie you can't spend your day sleeping! Get up! Today's your birthday!"

"Mom! I alm nnnn...what?" I realize she's right. Today is my 14th birthday! I wonder if i'll get it this year! I jump from bed and hug my mom and run to the kitchen, still half asleep I run into the fridge.

"Are you okay Nicole?!" My dad asks, who's at the dining table drinking his 'herbal tea'.

"Y-Yeah..." I rub the soft spot on my head that I hit. My sister laughs.

"That's a mean fridge, aint' it?" My big sis Grace says. I frown and sit at the table, holding a glass of herbal tea my dad makes us drink. To my surprise, Grace stands up and half-hugs my shoulders. "Happy B-day sis." She continues walking toward the coat hangers and grabs her jacket. "I'm headin' to Liz's for our project for school." She goes to Stonestep High in my town, she got homeschooled when she was younger.

"Not right now you're not." Says my father. "Today's your sister's birthday and you are going to be here for it. You can go to Liz's tomorrow." Grace's shoulders sag and a bratty expression covers her face.

"But Daaaaaaaad..." She whines with a head tilt and stomp. "I need to give her noodle-strap tank-top back!" She pulls a blue super cute top out of her purse for emphasis.

"You can give it back tomorrow, now sit down Grace." He sips his tea. My mom comes into the kitchen, her slippers slip-sliding across the floor in a manner that i'm used to. Grace reluctantly sits at the table, her blonde bone-straight hair falling perfectly. Sometimes I wish I could have her hair, it's Always perfect. Mine is just so curly and frizzy...She takes after my mom. Me and my dad are brunette but his is always back. My mom returns with a glass of tea too and sits down.

"Happy Birthday Nic-nic!" She kisses me on the forehead, her lipstick leaving a mark.

"Hehe...Thanks mom." I'm so excited I can't contain myself! Did I get it this year?!

"So we decided to get you something big this year." My dad says. Just spit it out! OMG I can't wait!

"And It's in the back yard!" My mom blurts out. She never was good at keeping secrets...

"Cool! Thank you guys!" I hug them both, literally yanking them across the table and I run to the door, nearly spilling the tea.

"Wait for us hun!" My parents and even Grace chase me out and...There it was.

"YES! YES!" I Jump up and down in excitement. "YES! YES! YES! YESYESYES!" I'm nearly crying, this is the. Best. Thing. Ever. Standing before me is the most beautiful horse I have ever seen! She's Pinto in color and she has a bridle and saddle on! I walk carefully up to her, as she is...bigger than I expected. Then...I realize there's someone standing next to her holding the reins... "Excuse me, why are you holding my horse?"

The person looks caught off-guard. "This is my horse. Is today your birthday, little girl?" He asks.

"Um...Yes it is?" I take a step back, confused.

"I'm here to give you a pony ride!" I look over at my parents. They smile and give me a thumbs-up. I sigh and reluctantly follow his instructions that I didn't care to listen to. I am disappointed. I thought they finally came through and got me my own horse... Is all I can think for the whole ride. Although, it is pretty fun. Now I know I want a horse. It's all I think about... My last thought when I fall asleep, the first thought when I wake up. It's my outlet...It's an obsession. "Now post!"

"What?" I ask, Suddenly my ride gets a lot more bumpy, I'm starting to slip! "Woah!" The mare reels back in frustration, the sudden jerk causes me to lose my grip on the western saddle.

"Walk!" He grips harder on the long lead. "Walk!" I grab her mane and squeezed my legs around her for balance, failing and fall clear off. The disobedient Pinto's hooves are a blur, Fogginess overcomes my vision, I can just make out my parents running towards me.

"Ahhhh...My head..." People surround me, Their mouths moving but all I can hear is ringing. That horrible ringing, Oh why didn't I pay attention?! They all look worried, But Grace's face the most, etched with fear and sadness, I'm not used to seeing her like this, it's almost making me cry...

I sit up, the ringing going away now. I am met by my sister, hugging me. Only one thought echos in my mind, I can't help but say it...

"Can I have riding lessons?" They are confused. Mom helps me up. "We'll talk about that later, I suppose..." She says, fringing her brow in a familiar way.

"Thank you for your time, mister Wallace." Mom takes my hand and walks me inside. I yank my hand out of hers.

"I'm fourteen today, mom! I don't need to hold your hand!" She frowns and slouches a little.

"Okay, honey...If that's what you want. Happy Birthday." She goes and grabs the dirty clothes hamper, so I assumed she was doing laundry. I sigh (Yet again!) and go to my room. On every inch of every wall there are horse posters everywhere, but not just any horse posters, on every single one of them they were jumping. There is a pair of riding boots and a crop peaking out of the closet, a helmet dangling by the strap loosely tossed over a nail in the wall, and britches (They're horse riding pants.) lazily thrown over a hanger. I walk on the hardwood floor and collapse on my bed.

"I just don't get it..." I say to myself, while looking out the window at the mountain view my parents and I love so much. "I have all of the equipment...I have the dream..." I cuddle with my bunny and let my hair fall in my face without a care. "Why can't I learn how? Ugh I sound so stupid right now..." I pout to myself, my small, grey kitten, Cutie, rubs against me and purrs. "This isn't some...thing that can just magically happen. I'm not in a fairy tale, why do I think this dream can be so easy to follow?"

"Talking to yourself again, huh?" I whip my head around to see Grace standing in the doorway, her arms crossed.

"Grace!" I yell. "GET OUT!" I don't know why i'm so angry at her...I just...am.

She looks surprised. "I just wanted to talk to you...gawd." She turns and walks away, not so secretly flashing a brochure and pass for with a horse on it. My heart feels like it's about to explode.

"Wait!" She turns around with a smirk. "Lemme see that!" I extend my arms and attempt to grab it.

"Woah, woah! Hold your horses, Nicole. This waaaass going to be my gift to you..." She smiles. "But, You want me to leave, don't you?"

"I'm sorry. Happy?" I am so, so, SO about to die waiting to see that thing!

"Yup." She hands me the piece of paper and sits down on my bed, next to Cutie. "I searched for the perfect camp, it's great especially for beginners and, it has great ratings!

"Wow I love it! But are you sure Mom and Dad can afford it? I point to the price.

"Actually, I'm paying for it. I took that summer job last year for a reason." I look up at her, completely shocked.

"You have been saving for an entire year just for me? Why would you do that?" I stroke Cutie's soft fur.

"Well, You do get annoying sometimes, but I don't hate you. You're a really good little sister." I smile huge.

"Thank you, Gracie!" I hug her so hard she starts to choke. "I love you!"

"Love ya too." She somewhat forces me off of her. "And remember," I look at her. "Anything is possible." She leaves with a giggle. I grab the diary I've had FOREVER out of my (Are you kidding? As if i'd tell you where it is!) And flipped through endless entries and doodles. Once I found a free page, I grabbed my favorite glitter pen and curled up in my bed. Cutie lied down on my head, her furry tail tickling my nose. I start to scribble down words rapidly.

May 30th, 2016. Today is my birthday! Grace bought me a pass to this horse camp called-

I look down at the pass in my hand and memorize the name.

Mystic Meadows, It's SO COOL! There's fields all around the area and woods and stuff!

I grip the pass and pamphlet harder in my excitement.

I even heard that there's this beach nearby where we can go swimming-on their backs! I can just imagine the salty water washing over me and the silent whinny of my graceful horse as he carefully steps through the waves, seemingly into a whirlpool of colors just as the sun sets, just me and my steed.

I'm too excited to write any more, I'm practically bouncing off the walls in pure enthusiasm. I just now begin to really read the pass.

"Scheduled for May 31st, Nicole Wolf will be picked up (By bus) from 35 Alison Hill, Graffton NH to 93 Meadow St, Sconde, ME." I read aloud, before taking a second glance at the date. "Tomorrow?!" I race to the closet, pull out the backpack that I sometimes use for hiking, stuff my boots, helmet, britches, and a random currycomb that for some reason I have into it.

I decided to fix a few errors, but I've kinda lost interest in this story. Let me know if you think I should continue it.