"The hippopotamus is known to be the most dangerous animal in the world," Peter Pillay declared as paced the mud brick Mozambique school. Several children seated on crude wood benches stared at him, enthralled, their bare feet dangling above the earth. Peter smiled to himself when he acknowledged their interest. "They are extremely territorial and will protect their territory with their massive jaws."

Kato shot his hand into the air. "What about Phoebe?"

"Phoebe is a rare exception," Peter explained. "She was washed down the river as a calf, perhaps before she even realized who her mother was. We believe my wife and I were the first living beings she saw, and so after we rescued her, she believed Danielle was her mother."

This was truer than even he realized. When he traipsed down the dirt path that evening to return home, there was a rotund creature sprawled out on the back patio with an Australian shepherd curled up, asleep, on her side.

"Danielle," Peter called as he came around the adobe house with its thatched roof. Their house was surrounded by ferns and palm trees and other lush greenery. "Do we have green beans for Phoebe?"

To be continued…