The battle of Sugar Grass Creek was a mediuem sized battle between The Coalition and the Profiteer Slaver Society. The Coalition consisted of my fictional daughters, eqonies (ponies) and eqonicorns (unicorns). Both the eqonies and eqonicorns were still exhausted from the trade migration of 875 (more on that for another time). As the sun began to rise the battle started. The profiteer cavalry was having trouble with the creek. Archers fired arrows on both sides. Eqonicorn's cast their spells and some some charged right into the profiteer slaver ranks. My daughters used mixed tactics. My youngest the malice leaves rained down supporting fire. My middle the rage leaves crashed into the forces wielding steel.

While my oldest the shadow leaves used magic to heal the wounded and devise battle plans. The eqonies were using skirmisher tactics bravely taunting and poking at the enemy. Many were slain or wounded and the creek ran red with blood. Finally after five hours of hell and chaos. The profiteers sounded the retreat. The coaltion roared in triumph though it was short lived hundreds were dead. Many had wounds that would take years to heal. However coalition generals agree if we lost. My Irongrass kingdom and their kingdoms would face dark times.