"Change in all things in sweet." - Aristotle


Change in all things is sweet -

The change of colors when Autumn comes 'round

The change of the sky when the moon comes up.

The change of seasons

The passing of years


We all grow and grow and change and change

We aren't the same person we were yesterday

We won't be the same person tomorrow we are today.

We are ever-changing and ever-growing.


We meet people everyday -

Passing someone on the street,

Ordering food at a restaurant,

Sitting next to someone on a train,

Talking to someone online.


In our lives, people come and go.

Some stay for a long while, years and year

Some stay for only a passing moment.

Eventually, we all go our own way.


We grow and change.

We meet knew people.

We forget old peopleā€¦

But we remember them still


Friends are lost

New friends are made

Relationships shatter.

New relationships are forged


All things change and always will.

To live is to grow and to grow is to change.

Change brings new things and sometimes -

Just sometimes, the old comes along, too


Change in all things is bittersweet.