A Brothers Love



The Third Miscellaneous Tale

James stood before the door to his little cousins room. The youth of eighteen wore a wry smile upon his face. For once his hair shoulder length was pulled back in a neat ponytail that hug just above the high collar of his battle tunic. Slowly he removed his hand from his woolen trouser pocket. Slowly he reached for the brass doorknob.

"Sarah," He called out. His tone of voice was not he firm tone of voice he would use in the up coming battles. The tone of voice the men under his command will listen for when the bullets where real and the man on the other side of the trench had really set you within his sights. Nor was his tone of voice, the tone of voice he used when he joked around with his friends at a local pub or something. No this tone of voice was his special big brother voice a tone of voice reserved only for her.

"What!" Came the response. The voice clearly belonged to a preteen and there was a hint of sadness to hit.

"Sarah, may I please come in." Said James taking a deep breath to steady his beating heart. It did little good because once more he could feel the heaviness settling in on it as he noticed the tone of sadness in her voice.

"The doors open you goof." Came the response. The tone of voice had shifted from sad to bratty. A trait common to the Waterflower family almost as common as the Sapphire Pink eyes that blessed every member of the family both male and female.

Once more James took a deep breath and gently shook his head. Within a two second frame of time the young man had a new found level of respect for his mother whom had raised two little devils herself. Slowly he reached down and pushed the brass door knob in. And with another deep calming breath he stepped into the room.

The second he stepped into the room he was greeted with a sudden hug. With a puzzled look upon his face he peered down at the child whom had wrapped her thin arms around his waist. He could feel her clinging to him like a ship wrecked sailor would cling to a piece of a lifeboat for support. Slowly he reached down and gently ran his small hands through her mass of blonde curls.

"I don't want you to go to war niisan." Whimpered the little girl into his chest. One could clearly note a mixture of both fear and concern in her voice. Fear because she knew what was coming and concern for her brother.

"Sarah, its my duty to the motherland." Said James looking down the sniffing little girl. "Now lets not talk about this, lets talk about that note from your teacher." He quickly said trying to steer the conversation away from the unpleasant topic.

"No I want to know why your going, you promised to take me to the fun-park." Whimpered Sarah. She peered up at him and lock eyes with him. Her cheeks where red from crying and streaked with hot salty tears.

"Because, I've been drafted and they have pulled my unit. You know I leave tonight.. And I know I promised you, I just thought I would have more time.." He stopped there. She knew as well as he the sudden counter attack in the lowlands had thrown the whole country into confusion, panic stalked the land as the armies of the Kaiser made a mad dash toward Edo the national capital.

"But I don't want you to go," Said Sarah looking into his eyes. She squeezed his waist a little tighter and placed her head upon his chest. She did not want her brother to go, he was too sweet to be a solider.

"Sarah, I have to go there no changing it. But now my little sister, we have some business that we need to take care of. It seems you pulled quite a prank today in gym class and you did cause quite a stir." Whispered James into Sarah ear. His voice was a little firmer this time.

"Yes niisan.." Came the whimpering replay.

"Then could you please tell you niisan why you thought it would be a good idea to lace itching powder with your gym teachers work out clothing." Whispered James once more into Sarah ears. His tone of voice was still the loving scolding tone of voice.

"Because I was dared, niisan. The bullies said they would beat me up with I did not do it." Said Sarah looking up and locking eyes with James. A fresh wave of hot salty tears where rolling down her redden cheeks.

James felt a sudden sharp pain in his heart. Summing all his strength he bent down to Sarah level and peered into her sapphire pink eyes. Yes he could see it, hurt, confusion and loneness all could clearly be seen upon the surface of her eyes. Once more he was torn, torn between his love for her and his duty. 'I'll leave this one in your hands my dear niisan. You have a better understand of the female mind than thy' He thought.

"So then you understand why your Neesan is going to spank your bottom then, correct." Whispered James once more. Guide the child into the spanking don't force them, make them understand what they did wrong and why they are getting punished it will make things easer on you and them. Those words rung clearly in his ears like the church's bell.

"Yes niisan." Whimpered Sarah once more. With that Sarah shifted her eyes downward. A few stray tears dotted her red cheeks.

"Very good, niisan is very proud of you." Said James behind down to Sarah level. Without speaking another word he offered her his hand in a manner one would offer father or a mother would offer a hand to a child when they where about to cross a road or enter a busy shopping center.

Slowly she placed her small hands into his. And slowly he lead her across the room to her bed. James was the first one to sit down and once he was seated upon her bed he bent down and picked Sarah up and placed her across his lap.

Once more James took a quick deep breath to calm his fluttering heart. His breathing increased slightly as he reached down and flipped the helm of her nightgown and placed it upon her back. A sudden crimson blush colored his face as he placed a crooked figure into the waste line of her panties and within a blink of a eye he had pulled them down to her ankles.

God give me the strength to complete this task He said gently placing his hand upon her bottom. Taking another deep breath he lifted his hand and quickly brought it down upon her bottom with a hot stingy swat that make her cheeks bounce.

As soon as his hand came into contact with her bottom a ear piercing scream bellowed from her throat and bounced along the walls of her room.

James felt her heart crack a little as he heard her screams. But he knew he had to push on so once more he brought his hand down upon her bottom delivering another hot stingy swat that ended with another loud ear piercing scream

Despite the pain in his heart James quickly fell into a steady rhythm. Ever other second It seemed his hand would fall like a blacksmiths hammer upon Sarah bottom making it bounce cutely with each and ever swat. Soon her once cream colored bottom melted into a peach pink. Then within the blink of a eye the peach pink had melted into a rose red.

Then it happen, once the spanking had reached zenith it seem something had snapped deep within Sarah mind. Maybe it was the stinging yet gentle hand of her older brother or the kind words that was spoken before the spanking had taken place. But like a title wave it came rushing over her, a feeling of both self pity and shame. Pity for her now red bottom and shame for causing her brother whom was about to leave for the front so much trouble.

"I sorry, niisan." She whispered toward James. Her voice was laced with tears ever few seconds she would take deep measured breaths to calm her fluttering and bouncing heart. She closed her eyes as a stream of salty tears poured down her redden cheeks.

James took a deep breath and slowly he lifted the little girl toward him and gently he wrapped his strong arms around her quivering body. James leaned in a little and in a low tone of voice he whispered into her ear.

"Your forgiven, imouto-chan." He whispered into her ear. Then like a magic charm her tears had been dried and a small smile slowly curved upon her lips.

"Now dry those tears little one." He added leaning in and giving her a peck upon the forehead. "Now I must be going, there a war to be fought and a war to be won." he said giving her another peck upon the forehead. With that he gently removed Sarah and stood up and brushed off the sleeves of his tunic.

"Promise me you will come back from this, pinky promise." Said Sarah brushing away a few stray tears with the lace sleeve of her night gown. She slowly lifted her arm and extended her pinky figure.

James stood there, lost but something told him he should swear upon this strange oath. He would do anything to keep her calm now to reassure her above all people. Slowly he raised his arms from his side and slowly he held out his pinky figure.

God help her if I fall. He thought as he wrapped her pinky around hers. He peered into her eyes and slowly he lifted his hands to her cheek. Loving he brushed away a few strains of blond hair from her face and gently he tucked them behind her ear. How he wanted to stay here forever.

"You promise to write,"

"On my honor."

"Promise me your not do anything foolish."

This question took James back quite a bit. 'Promise me your not do anything foolish' Bloody hell first mother and then Emily and now her. What was up with these women folk. Its not like he would have a choice in the matter he was placing his fate in the government and the wisdom of his commanding office. He had to do something foolish if he was commanded to do something foolish. And his reward possibly a piece of medal hung from a nice ribbon pinned to his chest.

"I promise," He said, knowing it would keep her happy.

"Promise you will tuck me in tonight and read to me a store as well.

Said Sarah in a hopeful tone of voice.

"That's what big brothers for." Said James lifting Sarah up and pulling her into him. He held her for a few second before setting her down. Quickly he unfolded the thick pink woolen blanket and the soft pink light cotton sheets. "Your carriage awaits you milady." Said James folding his hand across his chest and offering her a little bow. He was playful teasing her now. Something that he always did we when tucked her end.

Without speaking another word Sarah climbed into bed and snuggled under the thick blanket and soft cotton sheets. She peered up at him and working one arm free the pointed toward a book that lay upon her bed side table.

James shot her a nod and quickly he pulled a chair toward her beside and sat down. It took him a few second of flipping around before he came to the thin strip of yellow ribbon that marked her place in the book. Coughing to clear his throat he started to read.

Being a born story teller James breathed energy into the scenes and the characters. Like a artist can bring a too painting to life with his masterful use of the brush or shading. He brought to life the scenes and the character by switching his voice and giving the characters there own little voice through his. And the minutes quickly melted away like the late snow does in early spring . Before long Sarah felt her eyes grow heavy with weariness and before long she drifted into a peaceful sleep.

"Sleep tight little princess." He said placing the book down upon her night stand table and walking over to her and planting one more kiss upon her forehead. "I'll come back for you, I promise." And with that he left.

Quickly and quietly he made his way through the house. And before long he found fond himself in the living room. Just as he was about to step out the front door he heard a voice call out from somewhere in the darkness.

"What happen to that cute little brother of mine."

"He's gone for now." Said James closing his eyes and turning upon his heel to face the source of the voice.

"Good evening James." Said the women in the doorway. Her coco brown hair reached down to back and the dim light of the room seemed to dance upon the surface of her sapphire pink eyes. She wore a look of concern upon her face.

"So, no hug for your lost brother." He said to her. Quickly he locked eyes with her.

"James, you're a fool, a perverted, a jackass, " She said taking a deep breath. Slowly she made her way toward him. "A brat, and whinny baby sometimes. But above all that you're my brother. And that will never change."

James flushed with color and quickly his eyes found the ground.

"But you're my brother, my only brother. We have had are good times and we have had are bad times. But still you are my brother and I love you very much." Said Emily throwing her arms around his neck and quickly she drew him into a hug. "Keep safe."

"Thank you," Whispered James into Emily ear. He sniffed, he could fell them building now at the corner of his eyebrows. You will cry James, I cried when I left for Spain. You will cry for lives you will be forced to take. Its human nature to cry, just don't do it in front of the women folk it might make them cry as well.

"I must be going," Said James breaking away from the hug. And with that he lifted his backpack to his shoulder and stepped into the darkness of the night. The faint tune of 'Oro se do Bheath Abhaile' floated in the darkness as the wide box like formations of marching men of the 22nd Kyoto passed by.

And so James Waterflower Bell took his stepped into history that night.